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Woo Dilemma

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by icenine2, Oct 28, 2010.
  1. Icenine2
    I'm a few weeks away from ordering a Woo 5LE.  Now my source Proceed CDD/DAP transport and DAC are totally down and not worth repairing (wasn't working, then magic it's like new, now gremlins have taken over again!!).  That would be OK since I'm moving everything to a computer based sourcde but....I haven't bought a USB DAC yet (QB-9 on the top of my list).  So that means I'd have to put the WA5LE in my bedroom where I have my compute/trading desk set up and my wife is not going to go for that.  So its either buy a WA22 which is fine next to the computer now (then get the DAC down the road) or try to work something out to get the signal to my living room and the WA5LE  like a Logitech Touch and then later get a good DAC for it.
    Suggestions?  Yes I have no patience.
  2. Icenine2
    Side story of audio obsession: Skylab let me listen to his WA6 which I loved.  Then I thought "go one step farther and get a maxed WA6E".  More reading and emailing Jack and then I decided to get a WA22.  After reading more I decided since the 5LE with no ad-ons isn't that much more why not get it.  Seeing the 5LE posted here with pictures is how I originally got going on the Woo dream.
  3. nikongod
    If you prefer the 5 do whatever you have to do to make it happen... get a lame 1/8" to RCA adapter and run the Woo5 off of an i-pod until you can get a nicer source set up: its not the end of the world. 
  4. vinyllp33
    Get the WA5, as great as an amp the WA22 is you don't want to second guess yourself down the road.

    You could get Jack to make you a longer power supply cable and the amp section of the WA5 would actually have a smaller footprint as compared to the WA22. You could then remotely locate the power supply under the desk, etc.

    The WA5 is such an organic, highly engaging and musical sounding piece. I had a WA6 then 6SE but decided to shoot for the moon and skip the WA22 as I knew this is where I was going to eventually end up.

    Good Luck!
  5. musicman59

    The longest Jack will do the umbilical cord for the WA5-LE is 5 feet. He does not recommend or will make it any longer. I know because I asked him before ordering mine. Get a Squeezebox touch and use it's analog outputs for now (it has better DAC than previous models). Down the road you can get a nice DAC and connect it's digital output to the DAC. I have my collections in Apple Lossless and I am using two Squeezebox II in my systems. I am sending the output of the Squeezebox to a Genesis Time Lens. From there to my PS Audio PefectWave DAC (with the Signature mod from the Upgrade Company) and to the WA5-LE. I can not hear any difference comparing it to the output of my Teac VRDS-10 (GNS modified) CD transport feeding the PerfectWave.
  6. vinyllp33
    Great suggestion, I use a Sonos with mine and agree that with the same DAC and coax digital cable it does not give anything up when compared to my transport.

    And you certainly cannot beat the convenience of accessing one's entire digital musical collection remotely.
  7. musicman59


    You are right Sonos is a great option and probably better than the Squeezebox since you really don't even need the computer. You can just connect your external hard drive with your music files to your router, connect the Sonos bridge to the router too and Voila! you have access to all the music files through your network without the need of a software server running behind the scenes in your computer.

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