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Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, Mar 11, 2016.
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  1. sonickarma
    I understand but a little frustrating daily charging  - but yes should be enough for most sessions but no good for long flights [​IMG]
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  2. audionewbi
    Certainly not for long flight, just a word of caution if you like to travel on time avoid taking anything WA-8 looking, at least not on your carry on. I am been naively positive about WA-8, I cant wait to get my ears on it. 
  3. CongeeBear
    Reminds me of the time I carried a Woo WEE in my carry-on, and the TSA agents made me take it out for closer examination -- thing looks like it could be detonated, lol.
    Wish this thing could also charge over USB, albeit much more slowly I'd imagine. Still, that would help with long flights, since most seats seem to have USB charging ports these days.
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  4. raypin
    [​IMG] mmmm.....ot: so anything with a tube is a TSA magnet? So, they are thinking that someone has invented a tube bomb?  I don't get it.
  5. HiFiGuy528
    Sit down one day and listen to music 4 hours straight. It's a long time...Take a 2 hr. break to charge and enjoy again for another 4. Additionally, WA8 can play while charging and the audio circuit is powered by the battery so no sonic loss. [​IMG]

  6. warrenpchi Administrator

    I think it's luck of the draw sometimes.  I've gotten stopped for absolutely nothing before.  And yet, a few years ago, I was carrying box of tubes wrapped in some serious audio cabling.  The only thing I was missing was an alarm clock and some duct tape.  Went through with flying colors.  Go figure.
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  7. reeltime

    I'd agree, but many of us would use this device on a plane.  It would run out on anything longer than a flight from Chicago to LA.
  8. raypin
    Mmm.... Flight problemz? Just buy 2. Problem solved.
  9. HiFiGuy528
    WA8 can play while charging and the audio circuit is powered by the battery so no sonic loss.
    I like this idea more. :)

  10. reeltime

    Have you seen the power brick that comes with this device?  I'm not even certain the low output A/C outlet in first class will power it.
  11. WooAudio
    The WA8 Eclipse is a compact tube amp/DAC that out-performances its successor WA6 (desktop tube amp) in many ways. Now you have the choice to move the amp anywhere you like. You can leave the battery charger plugged in when in use. The charger has an effective protection circuit to prevent the battery overcharged.
    Regarding to the DAC, the master volume control in the OS would be effective. Make sure the master volume is on 100%.
    During 3 years of testing with a few dozen of different headphones, we can be safe to say the Eclipse would satsify most headphones / IEMs with authority. 
    Finally, the leather case is available. You will see it on our site soon.
    Happy listening,
  12. VandyMan
    No way to connect a transportable to a phone or pad? I guess it is for laptop users.

    I think the battery is kind of a waste. It adds expense and weight for a product that hardly any one is going to use on the go. It would be much better, in my opinion, to drop the battery and build the external power brick into the unit. 

    I'm disappointed because I was hoping the WA8 would be my new office headphone amp. I've always wanted a WA6, but it is too big for my desktop and too big to lock in my desk draw at night.
  13. audionewbi
    For me battery is essential, not everyone has clean power and I don't really like staying at once place for too long.
  14. VandyMan
    Makes sense for that use case, but since the battery is connected to the charger, I don't think it will clean your power unless you unplug it from the wall. Plugging/unplugging every few hours seems like a PITA to me, but if it works for you I'm glad. (no sarcasm intended)
    (I'm also doubtful that you will hear a difference unless your power is really really bad, but I have not tried, so I'm just guessing.)
  15. gordec
    What's Woo's warranty? It's not listed in their website. I also want to preorder one. Just no way to try this before ordering. Also they charge 15% restocking fee.

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