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Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, Mar 11, 2016.
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  1. gr8soundz
    There was a leather case for the prototype:
    Maybe Woo will release it later as an option.
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  2. skeptic
    Beautiful industrial design - I look forward to hearing one!  Can anyone answer a couple of questions as to the all tube nature of the amp?
    If fed by the analog input, does the signal pass through any solid state devices (i.e. are the tubes the only gain stage in the amp circuit)? 
    I understand that 6S31B's are pretty low voltage tubes, but still (per the data sheets) designed to have 50V dc on the plate. The 6021 is supposed to have 100V dc. How can this be accomplished with a li-ion battery?
  3. Sound Eq
    please forgive me but how on earth is the w8 a portable device, i honestly think this is not portable at all, its more of a transportable device, portable means to most of us max the size of an iphone
    but it must be amazing as there is so much love for this w8
    i might consider one in the future as a transportable
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  4. leafwise
    I've seen people play games on the metro with their laptops, so this is simply a reminder that everything is relative :wink:
    Some say a stack is too large to be portable as well and choose a standalone DAP at the expense of some sonic aesthetics; Others are happy to carry whatever is needed to scratch their itch (5+ device stacks... you've seen them!).
    Agreed re: the above pictured leather case. Would love to see it as an option a-la the TU-05 ASP's leather satchel.
  5. HiFiGuy528
    Bring any balanced portable or small desktop amp to our room at CanJam SoCal or anywhere WA8 is exhibited and listen for yourself if balanced is really that much better. I am assure you it is not. 

    specs are just numbers. Don't consider a product based on specs. There are many amps with exceptional specs, but sound like cheap toys.
    Connect WA8 via USB and Windows will find the latest audio driver online. 
    Made in USA leather case will be available soon.

  6. mikoss
    With all due respect Mike, let's see the power output at specific resistances. Also, output impedance of the amp, thanks. These are meaningful specs.

    I also completely agree about your thoughts on specs and amp performance, it just helps to gauge how well it would work for driving certain cans. I also take it personally when a hifi company won't publish output power meaningfully. Just giving us max power output number really doesn't mean anything... Surely you have some loads to correlate power output with.
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  7. hex182
    If this thing is that good some people might want one as a desktop solution and some of those some might not be the sort of people that like to have a 10 things on their desk when they don't need to. Would it have been that hard to put a pre out on this thing?
  8. WooAudio
    The WA8 is dead silence. You can use the headphone out as a pre-amp out. Essentially, you doubled the duty as a tube preamp. All you need to do is a 1/4" (or 1/8") to RCA adapter cable.
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  9. Townyj

    Cheers Jack, the exchange rate isnt good right now and probably wont be for a while. Doesnt seem viable right now, thanks for the reply i appreciate it.
  10. gr8soundz
    Shouldn't need to stack anything with this. Just the WA8 and whatever source (phone) you have with you. No doubt, someone will still stack it with a Chord DAC......
  11. Khragon
    A bit concerned this doesn't have enough power, only 350mw, probably at 8 ohm?, so not much power.
  12. nzvlam

    From Jude's video, he mentioned the max power output is 350mW per channel into 50Ohms in 3 tube mode.
  13. audionewbi
    Aiming to use this as a premap for the KSE1500, good to know this. 
  14. 35FLE
    If the WA8 internal DAC is not up to scratch looks like a large 3 stack setup for me with Hugo + WA8 + kse1500
  15. CongeeBear
    Any word yet guys on whether this supports DSD?
    Would like to see some numbers on expected battery life too :)
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