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Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, Mar 11, 2016.
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  1. sonickarma
    Thanks - any impressions versus CDM for IEM listening?
  2. Sound Eq
    looks great but its a bit heavy and big to be considered portable but its a great transportable 
  3. reeltime
    This seems like a direct response / competitor to the ALO Audio Continental Dual Mono.  
    Are they comparable?  I don't believe the Continental runs Class A.  But sound-wise, I wonder how they compare.
  4. audionewbi
    they fit different needs, they have completely different design approach. For those who look for pure tube amp CDM perhaps don't fit the bill as it is hybrid tube and it is balanced ready.
  5. HiFiGuy528
    WA8's goal was to have desktop-class performance in a small, transportable form factor. One listen to WA8 with your favorite high-end headphones and you'll see why it took us this long to bring it to market.
    New Record Day reviews WA8 Eclipse.
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  6. Mediahound
    I really wish this was balanced. I'd be a buyer for sure if it was. 
  7. LouisArmstrong
    "I felt Louis Armstrong was in the room with me..."
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  8. mrtim6

    Especially as many users of HD800 series state it's superior sonics in balanced mode.
  9. leafwise
    Respectfully, nearly any capable listening devices are improved with a balanced implementation. My hope is that the sound from the WA8 is sufficient to make me not care, despite having potentially useless cables :wink:
  10. mikoss
    Any plans to release some info for the power output spec? 350mW seems low... What load is the 350mW at? How about output impedance? These are fairly straightforward specs for new amps, thanks!
  11. Townyj

    Jude stated that it output 350mw x 2, i am also interested to find out at what impedance.
  12. Xcygen
    the windows driver link from the web is down. it doesnt even allow downloading. it just links you back to the wa8 page. can anyone fix this as i do not have the mac laptops
  13. freitz
    This is interesting.
  14. WooAudio
    It is up on the site now. You can also let Windows search and download the correct driver. Windows library links to the appropriate XMOS xCORE driver.  
  15. WooAudio
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