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Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, Mar 11, 2016.
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  1. nzvlam

    If that's the case I think your money will be better spent buying some Earpods.  Or unless Woo change the chemistry of that battery from lithium ion to nuclear fusion!
    The HE6 really needs a lot of power and I doubt any portable, battery powered amp can drive them properly.
    The EF6 is one of the best amp with the HE6, and it has 5W into 50Ohms.  The WA8 claims to have a MAX headphone output of 350mW at 50Ohms.  
  2. goldenSHK
    Might have to wait for a portable amp as powerful as the EF6 then...
  3. DivergeUnify
    Because why not
  4. kkcc
    I'm a huge Woo fan and absolutely love my WA22.  I especially adore the aesthetics and built quality of all Woo products, down to their headphone stands.  When I had my WA7 at my office it was always a statement desktop piece and an awesome conversation starter, now imagine a small exquisite tube amp instead!
    However, I must say from the video and pics I don't find myself impressed by the WA8 aesthetics.  To be honest I was interested in a battery powered transportable full tube amp.  I have had my eyes on the A2P TU-05 ever since it became available but am not convinced by its built quality and quality control.  Nonetheless, I much prefer the visual design of the TU-05 over that of the WA8.  
    WA8's tube window and volume knob would have been highlight to the otherwise plain rectangular box, but both didn't convey the premium-look I always find on Woo products.  If anything the tube window detracts from the overall design and just doesn't look exquisite to me.
    Also, not sure if I'm being OCD or what, I find the headphone jacks weird that they are not aligned horizontally, vertically, nor centered (also the case with TU-05, and to a lesser extend the CDM and CDM is not pure tube).  Some of the close-up shots also seem to suggest there are some rather rough/sharp edges on the enclosure.  I hope it look and feel more impressive in-person.  However, one thing I will not doubt is that it is going to sound exceptional!
    For $1800 (about double of the price of the TU-05, and approaching that of the WA22!) I'm really expecting more.  The price and it's relatively blend (to me) visual design make it quite disappointing for me.  YMMV.
  5. Khragon
    ASP TU-05 looks really interesting, and maxed out at $1000 + shipping is a good competitor.  Battery life is double too.  Hopefully there's some comparison between it and the WA8 soon.
  6. audionewbi
    Their build time and at times tube microphonic can be an issue. That amp is on my list but I can't lie that my thought and attention is on WA8 now, purely based on how long it took them to develop it. 
  7. raypin
    mmm......TU 05 is cheaper but can it drive the HD 800 S as well as the WA8? I agree that the design of the former is better (tall and sexy vs. short and stout). I wish it had the good looks of the WA7 (which looks like a piece of art) and the reason why it is my only piece of headfi equipment on my desk.  
  8. nzvlam
    Sorry didn't mean to be buzzkill, but I think you will be disappointed with the WA8/HE6 match.  And that is not doing justice to the WA8 either.
    I do like the WA8 a lot, but can't justify $700 over the already brilliant WA7 just for the portability.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the TU-05 has a built-in DAC.  Once you added that in, it will be a close match up with the WA8
  9. kkcc
    Same here, never really seriously considered placing an order with A2P...  A2P is literally one-man-band, and thus the quality control, service, lead time, etc are all suspect.  I was REALLY excited to know Jack and team had taken on this project but wished they made it prettier or less expensive...  coz i know... unicorn and stuff... :p
    Personally I've always go for expensive but exquisite for these luxury items but I reckon I has to be in a minority group who likes to actually pay MORE for a diminishing (but tangible) return..
  10. audionewbi
    I do own a TR-07hp, first edition which is before the mk2 revision, I wish I had more positive thing to say about his SIT amp but I don't, I am waiting to send mine back to the revision, i dont know when as I have to wait for him to let me know when he is free. But that is his TR-07 design and he had a lot more time to perfect his tube designs.

    On the other hand WOO is purely a tube amp company, I am sure they know a thing or two about how to make a good tube amp. I just wish their darn site allowed international orders, as is I have to place order locally and first they do not have that product on their purchase lost, second that means I might loss out on the current deal and third I really dont want to place an order using my local dealer for various reasons.

    If I was to pick on one thing it would be the limit online purchasing of woo audio site.
  11. nzvlam

    I ordered the EA7 from their website about a year ago.  It worked fine.  
    From Woo Audio dealer page is says:  "We sell directly to the U.S. and international customers."
    Do you want give it another try or just e-mail them direct.  They are very helpful.  Enjoy!
    audionewbi likes this.
  12. pytter
    That is pretty frickin awesome. I was saving up for a Chird Mojo - but this is way cooler. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the competition
    mikoss likes this.
  13. sonickarma
  14. Townyj

    Being three times more expensive.. i suppose we will see. Now if they had of put rca line out from the dac, may of considered it. But alas they did not, which is disappointing.
  15. Mediahound

    See: http://wooaudio.com/products/wa8eclipse.html
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