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Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, Mar 11, 2016.
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  1. raypin
    Mmm....a new SKU for the amp-only CDM, not to replace but to offer an option for those who do not need an integrated amp/dac portable. In my case, I use the cdm for its amp, most of the time. If the impression of the WA8/HD 800S holds true for the other big cans like the T1.2 HE1K, I'd be very happy with this future purchase as it gives me a tube-based amp for on-the-go big can listening. It doubles the utility of my headphones. Not that I am unhappy with SS portable amps (mass kobo 404 and pure 2 plus are my favorites) but tube is something that I always end up going back to.
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  2. ClieOS Contributor
    I actually got the chance to listen to WA8 in CanJam Singapore last month, and the amp section alone is absolutely amazing sounding. Shame is that because it was such a rush to send the unit to Woo's Singapore representative, they didn't come with any instruction or driver - so the Singapore representative didn't get to set the DAC section up and only demoed it as an amp only. Still, it makes me immediately want to get one right after listening.
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  3. Mediahound
    What cable or adapter would I need to plug an iPod into the USB on this?
  4. Jota64
    Another stunning looking offering from Woo however at over 1Kg I'd be questioning it's portability.  But they have to start somewhere and perhaps future iterations will see that weight dropping off. Maybe it's more for taking to the office or sitting on the train than walking around with it in your pocket.
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  5. bflat
    I listened to the prototype amp only mode back in Aug 2015. From @jude description it sounds like it has not changed much. I tried a Beyerdynamic T5P and a Noble Savant (thanks again to @bangkokkid for letting me borrow those). For both, the WA8 added some serious meatiness to the sound. The 2 versus 3 tubes is a very noticeable difference. I think I would have preferred 2 for the Savants and 3 for the T5P. I also tried the WA8 with Noble K10 and the added warmth was too much for my ears. I think pairing is going to be really specific with the WA8 but for the ones that it pairs well, it is a very rewarding sound.
    I would have purchased the WA8 the day I listened to it, but have been using the WA7 in the meantime. It looks like I need to upgrade as my T5P have been waiting for the final product. Congrats to the Woo Audio team for getting this out. Transformer coupled output in a portable tube amp? You got to be kidding me! I think that Woo Audio makes their own transformers so I can't see anyone else offering the same. Amazing!
  6. goldenSHK
    Damnnn, really need this thing. Very excited to get one if it power an HE-6 to 100% so I can use it as my portable rig. Anyone tried it with their HE-6? I would really love to take mine around with me. It is definitely my favorite summitfi can. 
  7. mikoss
    I seriously question who is wanting to have a portable tube rig for their HD-800S headphones... seems some people posting here want to buy it already, so maybe people are using portable rigs with open, dynamic, TOTL headphones?

    My philosophy is $1800 is a substatial amount to invest in a stand alone tube amp that is known to pair well with the 800/800S. I'm sure Jude will be using this as his main rig for a while, but I would personally put less emphasis on portability and more on sound quality if choosing an amp for the 800's.
  8. Khragon

    Could it be the Abyss Diana? Or MrSpeakers Ether Prime?
  9. leafwise
    Gorgeous unit, hopefully with sound to match. Excited to hear this one day~
  10. audionewbi
    This statement alone is enough for me to be sold. 
  11. d marc0
    Congratulations to Wooaudio. Definitely an excellent new product, me and my friends can't wait to try it.
  12. raypin

    Mmm....I have it on good authority that it will be the Astell & Kern Ultimus Supremus headphone im copper, ss and duralumin editions.
  13. nzvlam

    Totally agree!
    I like the look, the feel, and I'm sure it sounds great too!  But, who walks around with a portable tube amp and TOTL OPEN headphones?  
    So I guess it will be for when people on a trip and when they are in their hotel room??  And how many people spend that much time in a hotel room and willing to spend $1700 on an amp?
    So, same here, I rather spend the money on sound quality than portability.  
    Still, a really gorgeous looking amp, well done Jack! But I think I'll stick to my WA7.
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  14. goldenSHK
    I am eying this for my HE-6 portable rig personally. 
  15. ozz007
    makes me wonder, This or Chord Mojo.
    both have dacs, and both have amps.
    I guess will be the tubes sound that will make the difference.
    Would love to hear the tubes.
    I own the WA7 and its my main desk amp. with Hugo pushing it as dac.
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