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Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, Mar 11, 2016.
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  1. gr8soundz
    Or you can just leave it plugged in all the time while in use. It will pull cleaner power from the battery whether its plugged in or not (like a hybrid car whose engine is only for recharging the batteries).
    I also have a 12V iFi iPower which may be compatible with it for cleaner AC if that might make a difference.
  2. VandyMan
    I'm not an expert, but I did a bit of research on battery powered audiophile devices when the WA8 was announced. It is likely that as long as the WA8 is plugged in, any noise from the wall will not be blocked. For that to happen, the batteries would have to be fully isolated from the power source. Perhaps Jack can clarify...
  3. VandyMan
    Think about this... if  you use the WA8 while it is plugged in, does the battery drain? I think it is like my Fostex HP-P1 -- the power for amplification is drawn from the battery, but the battery stays nearly fully charged. That implies that the battery is still connected to the wall and will thus transmit noise like any conductor. I'd be happy for Woo or an EE to correct me, if I'm misunderstanding.
  4. gr8soundz
    Would you prefer the WA8 without a battery and (instead) an even larger, brick size power supply (perhaps the same size as the WA8)? They do still make the WA7 (for less) with no battery and an equal size tube power supply or similar size solid state psu.
    The WA8 amp is too big for true portability so the battery is acting more as a linear power supply. That should help any AC noise and power fluctuations from affecting the sound.

  5. audionewbi
    my house has grounding issue. The hum is audible in my hifi system and all other amps I have plugged in without using powercoditioning. For my entertainment unit I was forced to buy a relatively expensive power conditioner which I do not own in my bedroom. This is why I prefer battery whenever I can get it.
  6. VandyMan
    Interesting. So you feel that battery power, even connected to the wall, is equivalent to a power conditioner? If that is the case, wouldn't power conditioners just put a battery at each output instead of things like isolation transformers? (Not for big amps, but everything else.) I don't know enough about electricity to say you are incorrect, but that does not sound right to me. Plus, isn't a ground loop really a different problem than a "dirty" power line? The power conditioner probably solves both problems, but does a battery? Maybe I'll start a topic over in Sound Science rather than continuing here.
  7. VandyMan

    If that is the case, then it could be a much smaller battery. No need for four hours of charge. Anyway, my statement about what I'd prefer was just one customer letting Jack Woo know of another configuration/use case he might consider.
  8. AnakChan Moderator

    Ack, for a general topic like this, please move off to a different thread. However, as for the WA8 specifically, that would be good if Jack could comment.
  9. gr8soundz
    I believe they already did (as I quoted above). Or at least @HiFiGuy528 (as a Woo rep) did.
    I'm just not sure what the person asking the questions is looking for. Sounds like they want either a smaller WA8, one without a battery, or one with a smaller battery(?). Apparently the WA7 doesn't fit the bill either. Plus there are other small tube amps by other manufacturers with and without batteries.
  10. gr8soundz
    Getting back to the WA8, can we get some internal pics of it? And the side opposite of the tube window?
    Still not 100% decided and would like to see the interior build, especially at this price. I assume its an all analog design except for the usb dac section.
  11. VandyMan
    Most important was an iPhone/iPad connection. Nice to have would be not having the large power brick. Not sure why everyone got so upset about the battery part and missed the core of what I was asking for.
  12. raypin
    mmm.......I'd love a user-replaceable battery pack option  in the next gen Eclipse. As it is, my primary concern is the performance (with headphones)  and battery life a secondary one.  That and the upcoming tube kit. Two very, very long  weeks of waiting time...........if all goes well.......I hope Woo Audio will ship first to Singapore. Lol!
  13. HiFiGuy528
    Please reach out to AVOne in sg. for an audition.
    Battery is serviceable when it's time to replace. Under normal use, it should last a few years. 
    raypin likes this.
  14. gr8soundz
    U mean something like this (via Google):
    Or this (the standard adapter connected directly to the WA8's included usb cable):
    From Woo's page:
    The Eclipse also uses an audiophile-grade ESS SABRE Reference 24bit/384kHz DAC, excelling with hi-res music files and compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices.
    Beyond that, no one yet has a WA8 to test.

  15. raypin

    Mmm....already pre-ordered so the only audition for me is when my WA8 arrives. :)
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