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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. groovyd
    This is via JRiver using their volume leveling turned on which cuts the volume back considerably across the board.  I use iTunes at work and the same volume setting at 9 oclock on the WA7 using iTunes is 12 using JRiver.  Cuts everything back a good 25% or more i'd say.  Really wish it did a better job of volume leveling across playlists.  It basically says 'I don't know anything about what is coming up so I will just cut everything back 25%'.
    I am sure the amp has different characteristic curves at these higher volume knob levels needed to counteract the gain reduction of the sw leveling.  I would really prefer they offset the sw reduction per song by boosting it back as averaged across say the next 5 songs in the playlist but this is something I have argued with JRiver about in the past with to no avail.  Their argument is to just turn up the amp volume believing it doesn't affect the end sound.  This is where we disagree.  However I can't really listen to music with it turned off though, just too much fiddling with the knob every other song is a complete distraction.
  2. smellyfungus
    now I really regret being asleep during initial preorders. wonder how many of us have the Sylvania's. they were lauded as a good bang for buck in 12au7 threads I've read.

    I'll roll in 1969s IEC labeled mullards when I get my unit.

    exciting that its a clear upgrade for all who have listened.
  3. Maxx134
    Sylvania tubes seems to have more spacial cues in the bass and more distinctly spaced out sound stage..

    It makes me think I am going insane hearing such differences.
    But I just switched back a forth time from the stock tubes, to Sylvania 5814..

    I am not switching back.
    Sylvania stays as I am mesmerized with every song..
  4. olegausany
    Wish i could try Mullard E80CC
  5. Dogmatrix
    There are a few technical differences between 12au7 and 5814a
    Heater current 12au7 150Ma , 5814a 175Ma this could explain the higher temp
    Plate dissipation 12au7 2.75W , 5814a 3W this may boost the dynamic
  6. olegausany
    But it still should work with problems
  7. Maxx134
    thank you for proving I am NOT insane as I herd these differences and knew nothing of these specs!

    Now would you know about the Mullard E80CC..? Specs?
  8. Dogmatrix
    E80CC is not recommended as a direct replacement for 12au7
    Heater current is very high 300Ma and may over tax the transformer
    Many other parameters are also different
  9. olegausany
    ECC82 or E82CC should also work
  10. olegausany
    And ECC802S as well
  11. Dogmatrix
    If you really want a Mullard the CV4003/M8136 box plate are drop in replacements
  12. JoelT
    Now a handful of songs deep with the Sylvania JAN 5814A's. Very impressive. [​IMG]
    I'll put together some detailed impressions later this weekend after having more time to get a grasp on what I'm hearing. 
    I took a temp reading of the stock tubes by placing a digital thermometer next to them inside of the glass surround. I'll do the same with Sylvania's. Far from scientific, but it should give some indication if they are indeed running warmer.
  13. groovyd
    For me the WA7 tubes are running easy 3 times hotter then the WA7tp tubes which are actually quite cool.
  14. JoelT
    That makes sense. Considering the LCD-X is more efficient than the LCD-2 that I'm running, it struck me as a quick path to hearing loss. I don't mind turning the volume knob on the WA7. It's perfectly dampened IMO, which I derive some level of satisfaction from. The TP push button feels loose and out of sync with the volume knob...thankfully you only have to press it once and then you can forget about it. 
  15. esimms86
    Two questions. If the Wa7tp power supply opens up the soundstage significantly, how does it then fare with Senn HD800's? Also, I'm assuming that everyone is listening through the built in Woo DAC. If you're not , then please post which DAC you're using when you state your impressions. Oh, and BTW, please be sure to specify the tubes you're using when stating impressions. I don't mean to be a pain but this thread is going to be a great source of information for a lot people(myself included). I anticipate that there will also be some interesting comparisons of the WA7/tp combo and other amp/DAC combos along the way. Thanks.

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