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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. JoelT
    Mine is scheduled to come in Friday. Short of some unforeseen problem, I suspect it's going to be a very good weekend!
  2. groovyd
    redirected to hold at fed-ex center so i don't get the 'we'll try again tomorrow' typical fed-ex run-around.
  3. warrenpchi Administrator
    The suspense = [​IMG]
  4. smellyfungus
    just waiting for this to turn into a full on tube rolling thread. my wallet will cry.
  5. groovyd
    'delivery exception' is what they call it when you told them to leave it at a fed ex office for pickup and they add an extra day to the delivery date to get it there, 1 mile down the road from my house. hopefully get it before they return to sender.
  6. EdmontonCanuck
    Hmmm....I ordered mine by emailing Jack directly before the early bird option was announced but still haven't received any shipment tracking email from them. Hope mine didn't get lost in the shuffle somehow. Perhaps they are fulfilling all the USA orders first before shipping across the border to Canada? Hope this is the case LOL....I'm very excited to receive mine and am even more anxious now that I know others are receiving theirs.
  7. Maxx134
    All we have to do is for everyone to get one different tube set and compare to stock..

    Then the thread starter can post a list..
    of which tube, and sonic comparison to the stock tube.

    It won't be perfect, but it will be a good approximate observation..

    And I know units where shipping before mine so it is going along as ready, not in one bulk load to everyone at same time :p
  8. smellyfungus
    let's see if you can recreate that magic with your Sylvania tube.

    also wanted to thank warrenpchi for that audio360 article. I liked most of the songs used in those impressions. brings out the best (or worst) out of my system
  9. Maxx134

    This new unit takes longer to shut down than stock power supply,

    Anyway the sound opened up compared to original solid state PSU..
    Rather clearly, and frankly, I am quite surprised of the increase in depth, width, separation and clarity.

    I am now very very satisfied with the woo as, compared to before it was clean and nice,
    But now it definitetly does sound at a higher level,
    And that, there can be no doubt..

    But my mind is set to be tuned in to these differences so I would say in a general sense,
    We are talking easily about a 5-6db increase in perception of improvement over stock PSU.
    And that is with the supplied tube.

    The stock tube seems to take longer to reach the temperature level of my upgrade tubes, and not sure but I believe my Sylvania tubes get hotter, but need more testing as all this is preliminary impressions and I just switched back to stock tubes..

    Definitely worth the upgrade.
    Almost shocking improvement but remember my mind is magnified now.. Lkl
  10. pragu
    The real question needs to be answered - does pressing that big power button feel as good as turning the big knob? 
  11. HiFiGuy528
    We just finished the product sheet for WA7d and WA7tp.  We like to know what you think.
  12. groovyd
    still don't see any hard electrical characteristics or specs between the 2 power supplies.  also if you get the WA7tp option power supply does it also come with the solid state plus long DC cable?  As oppsed to if you get the tp I assume it comes with only the short cable and not the long cable or the solid state supply?
  13. warrenpchi Administrator
    It's totally unavoidable at this point.  But hey, you've been here for a year and a half, you should be used to it!  [​IMG]  For me, the tube rolling madness is even more magnified as I've got a Cavalli Liquid Glass in here as well... and wouldn't you know it, Cavalli sent along like a bazillion tubes to try.  [​IMG]
    Hey, that's actually a good idea, I'd be happy to do that.  And over time, as more and more people try a given tube, we can update the "consensus" impressions summarized in the first post... not to mention build up some comparative impressions that don't rely in having the stock tubes be the only reference.  [​IMG]
    Would also be appreciative if Woo posted impressions of tubes they've tried as well.  That should help speed things along.
    Thanks smellyfungus, glad we could help with that!  It was actually a lot of fun for me because of how long I've personally been waiting for this thing.  I walked away from CanJam last year being truly impressed with only a half dozen items, and this was one of them.
    I actually just found a track in my collection that sounds bloody fantastic with the WA7/WA7tp...

    The SQ of the YT vid above sucks of course... but just a preview of what the song is like.
    Ooh, here we go!  [​IMG]
    Yup, that sounds like what we heard pretty much across the board.  I don't want it to sound like hyperbole, but I particularly agree with that part about "a higher level."  Thinking about it, it's quite a bargain as it basically gives me a much better amp, without having to lay down the full amount of money for a much better amp.
    I also noticed that the tubes take a while to sound their best.  For me, the first 10-15 minutes of the stock TP tubes are pretty much a no-go right now... so no quick listens.
    No.  Let's hope knobfeel doesn't review it.
    This is for online distribution and not on paper right?
    I wish I could help here, but my unit didn't come with any documentation.  Even though this will be my personal unit, it also originated as a review and photography unit.  I'm pretty sure Leesure had this one before me for photos... so the one shown in the product sheet above is my actual unit.
  14. olegausany
    You always should let tubes to warm up for 10-15 minutes so that they can reach optimal operating temperature
  15. warrenpchi Administrator
    Right, which is no problem in most cases here.  I usually power up and do whatever other tasks I need to do for about 20 minutes or so..  The thing is, before the WA7tp, I could sometimes start listening right away without too much in the way of undesirability SQ-wise.  But with the WA7tp in the mix, it just really doesn't sound right during the warm-up period.
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