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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. groovyd

    I have a box of about 60 spare new tubes for both units.  I got a little mad when I realized the gold pins 6c45s or whatever they are were no longer in production.
  2. bflat
    Update on my WA7 and TP
    I recently got the Bifrost Multibit DAC for my office had it connected to a Little Dot MKIII amp and it was a nice combo. However curiosity got the best of me and I tried the Bifrost with the WA7 and strangely enough that combo sounds better than when I had the WA7 paired with my Gungnir Multibit. Bifrost and WA7 has a more lush and deep mid than with Gungir. After reading up on some Gungnir impressions it seems that some folks feel the SE output of Gungnir is a bit thin compared to balanced out. Since Bifrost is only SE and hearing the difference I am now in the same camp.
    My recommendation for the WA7 and R2R DAC would be Bifrost and not Gungnir. The fact that Bifrost Multibit can be had for $600 USD makes it a great add on and upgrade to the WA7.
    One more interesting note - I tried my JH16 FP with this new combo and it is awesome! Just needed to add 1.5 dB boost to 8K and 16K EQ to get it just to my liking. Still using the Siemens silver plates so will try the RCA clear tops to see how the pairing sounds.
  3. desertblues
    Hi everyone, just want to say I'm still enjoying the Hytrons in my WA7TP (much thanks to JebListens for urging me to try 'em). The SQ with these tubes is jaw-dropping at times with all my favorite headphones(TH900, T1 & Grados). One of these days I'll roll the Mullards back in but these are my top choice with the WA7!!!
  4. HiFiGuy528
    Yes, pairs very well with LCD3.
    We have Electro Harmonix 6C45 Gold-pin in stock.
    Your collection of headphones pairs well. We would love to see a couple of pics.  [​IMG] 
  5. George Chronis
    Guys, I have a question about the WA7tp and WA7 tube rolling: It seems that there's a lot of talk about tube rolling on the Wa7tp, but not so much on the WA7. I own both amps and got the Electro Harmonix upgrade from Woo for both and also a set of RCA clear tops that were recommended by a member here.
    My question is: The WA7tp is a power supply. Now, I've never built a tube amp (only radio stations), but wouldn't a different tube have a larger impact on sound if you were to swap it on the WA7? I mean the WA7tp only provides power, isn't that right?
    Thanks for shining some light and I apologize if this a trivial question.
  6. groovyd
    Problem is there aren't many variants for the WA7 tube.  Interesting and almost counter intuive is though that the WA7tp tube swap does have a significant effect on sound.  It provides a much more stable supply of power and possibly at a slightly different voltage which may shift the gain curves of the WA7. 
  7. abvolt
    That's the reason I sold my wa7/tp not too many choices available with tube rolling, best sound for the money would be the mullard cv4003's  I will say that amp sounded really nice..
  8. EdmontonCanuck

    You sold because they didn't have much tube rolling options? I think I would sell mine only if I didn't enjoy the sound of it, not because I didn't have many options for tube rolling.

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  9. abvolt
    that was only one of the reasons I sold that amp, the wa22 give me a lot more depth & smoothness, power then the wa7/tp has to offer, I also use my wa22 to drive a set of powered speakers. The vast options in rolling is a very nice bonus with the wa22 and one I really enjoy..
  10. hyperism
    Yeah If 
    Yeah If I upgrade to the tp it will cost the same as getting a wa22. I'm wondering if I have other choices that are better suited for the LCD3...
  11. abvolt
  12. hyperism
  13. abvolt
    move up to a wa22 I couldn't be happier this amp is absolutely great sounding and you will never be at a loss for power..
  14. hyperism
    What DAC do you recommend?
  15. abvolt
    I would definitely go with a balanced dac, the wa22 was originally designed to sound it's best with a balanced input, you don't have to go that way, but the amps designer Jack Woo highly recommends using a  balanced dac with this amp..
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