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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. olegausany
    But are they 12AU7 replacements? E80CC definitely are
  2. Maxx134
    I just realized something.
    If this new PSU improves the amp. ..
    What about the on board dac?
    Surely it would benefit from better power ?
    I myself found it a but harsh or edgy..
    Maybe now it's character would change? (!)
  3. pragu
    Perhaps it would benefit from better power, but the power comes through the USB, not the power supply! That way when you want to use dac only, the amp doesn't need to be turned on. Although, because you can't use the WA7d without turning it on (optical audio doesn't carry power), it may improve that!
  4. Bevo

    Thanks for your impressions Warren. Grateful you could help some of the community out in not buying this product completely blind
  5. warrenpchi Administrator
    Yes, this.  I think.  Lemme see what happens when I try to use the WA7d as a USB DAC - just to be sure.
    Only too happy to help.  [​IMG]
    In some cases, one might not need to buy the WA7tp at all.  To anyone that is totally happy with their WA7 as-is, I would say don't be a fool - just leave well enough alone.  If you have no issues with staging, separation or warmth, why fix what ain't broke?
    In my case, I became acutely aware of what my WA7 could be back when I first heard the prototype PSU.  For me, it was a sure thing at first audition.  But again, that's just me.  I'm a closet detailhead, so the staging/separation totally appealed to me.
    I can hardly wait to see what all the other early birds think of it.  I think the collective impressions of us first-batchers are all that people have to go on for quite some time.
  6. Maxx134
    Haha, "totally happy" only exists in the "honeymoon stage" of any gear.

    No way does that sound remotely convincing ha

    If there is an improvement to be had, we must have it! Lol
  7. warrenpchi Administrator
    Lol, don't say I didn't try to reach for a modicum of practicality... [​IMG]
    My personal view is that the WA7 is simply incomplete without EH gold pins and a WA7tp.  As such, I consider it a $1,500 amp, and recommend that configuration at the very minimum.  But oh, what a fantastic $1,500 amp it is!
  8. groovyd
    could it be that the stock tubes are the best for the job?  haha, that would be too easy right?  looking forward to how this saga progresses... should be receiving mine this week. 
  9. Dogmatrix
    The whole tube rolling thing can be a bit of a money trap, you can easily end up with a drawer full of tubes you will never use
    I speak from experience in that regard
    It is fun though and the perfect tube just might be the next one you try
  10. EdmontonCanuck


    So, Warren....would you say that the WA7/WA7tp combo could be considered reference?
  11. warrenpchi Administrator
    Based on what oleg said, no.  Seems like the Jan Sylvanias he mentioned are a step up.
    Then again, the fact that Jack doesn't have any tube upgrades posted for the WA7tp is very telling as well.
    Too tough to say... [​IMG]
    Let us know what you think!  [​IMG]
    It's a trap!!! [​IMG]
    No, and yes.
    There are probably only a handful of rigs that I would consider truly reference at the moment... a few shining examples of just how good things can get for a particular signature, flavor or presentation.  In that light, I would not say that the WA7+WA7tp combo is an absolute reference.
    On the other hand, I do think that the WA7+WA7tp is a fantastic benchmark for tube amps (or DAC/amp combos) within this price bracket.  So in a relative sense, yes, I would say that it is a reference for what can be had/expected for the price.  I'm enjoying my rig tremendously right now, and would put it up against any DAC+tube amp rig for the same amount of money.
    BirdManOfCT likes this.
  12. HiFiGuy528
    There are many options on 12AU7 tube.  We are currently testing which brand would be best for us to offer as an upgrade path.  Stay tuned.
  13. Maxx134
    Ooo great!
    Take the legwork out of the endless possible tube rolling.
  14. JoelT
    Agreed. Excellent news.
  15. Dogmatrix
    I think " best for us " would also include commercial considerations like availability and consistency , so while I am sure the " upgrade tube " will be a good one the rolling is still very much on .
    My bet would be Genelex Gold Lion .
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