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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. mikroski

    I had asked the same question here last month. The answer from owner is; tp make an improvement in every area.
    I then asked my dealer, I got the same answer
    I know It is quite difficult to believe that changing power supply can make a big difference but yes, massive improve [​IMG]
  2. abvolt
    Well I've decided to do my first impressions of the vintage 5814A Sylvania's. And I think it's a very good sounding tube, great clarity with good balance, very nice mids & the bass extension is to my liking real good, plus nice & punchy but not as good as the wonderful sounding mullards.
    I also noticed that they needed a little more volume then other tubes, and sound a little rolled off the top. Most of the time I give my amp a sufficient warm up time maybe 45 mins. or so I know that's not necessary but to my ears the amp sounds better the warmer it gets.
    The reason I mention this is because these tubes didn't sound there best until about 2 hours of use, unlike all other tubes I own that seem to require less warm up time to reach their best, maybe it's just the pair I got or the fact that I've only spent a few hours with them.
    So given the fact that these are half the cost of my favorites the mullards CV4003's they are a very good sounding tube, All in All they are worth a try i'm very pleased so far, I listen to mostly jazz, rock, and classical not sure that matters but some may wonder. I do like to give my new tubes about two weeks of use before I can really tell so I will add more later..
  3. rage3324
    Do you see a bigger sound signature different rolling the PSU tubes or the amp tubes? Any suggestions for a good tube pairing for the PS1K?
  4. groovyd
    i saw no sound signature difference rolling the amp tubes.  also got directly in touch with the maker of the tubes in russia who told me the gold pin vs non gold pin versions were identical tubes off the same line and within the same tolerances other then plating the pins. changing tubes on the psu had a significant impact. the mullards were the best for me but the jans are great for bass and the cleartops for highs.
  5. mikoss
    Agree completely.
  6. desertblues
  7. rage3324
    Incredible. So much hype about rolling the amp tubes when the real difference maker is rolling the psu tubes. Very cool and I am glad I asked this question
  8. Jeffersonian
    Quick question, I just got my WA7tp.  Is the power button supposed to spin like a knob for no apparent reason?  The power button also seems a bit wobblier than I expected, unless you push right in the center.  Like it has a bit of give to it from side to side.  Is this normal?
  9. dL.
    Congrats on your new purchase! Yes it's normal to spin like a knob and it's also normal that it is a bit wobbly. This has been the only disappointing part about the WA7 & WA7TP, but I guess they cut a few corners so they can avoid building more custom parts just for the power button, or else they might charge us even more.
  10. Jeffersonian
    Thanks for the quick reply!  Good to know that's normal at least.  Super happy with it so far.
  11. dL.
    Awesome to hear. We look forward to hearing your listening impression after burning in. [​IMG]
  12. abvolt
    Glad you mentioned this groovyd  I suspected as much that really sucks for those of us who spent lots more money on the gold plated 6C45 from Woo. It also explains why I was never able to find these tubes anywhere else but from Woo Audio.
  13. Dogmatrix

    At least your pins wont corrode
  14. abvolt
    Lol  true we do get that nice feature for only 45. extra dollars.. 
  15. Jeffersonian

    Are you talking about there being a non-gold version of the "Electro Harmonix 6C45 Gold Plated Pins matched pair" and it seems to be the same as the gold-pin version?  If so, where can you buy them?
    I take it they are still an upgrade from the "Sovtek 6C45 matched pair" tubes?
    Apologies if I'm confused [​IMG]
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