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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. breezyjr
    Ahhh.. come on... you just made me drool on myself.....<grin>
    Nice combo!  I may just have to save up for it....  (unless of course you want to send them to me.....  "just because"  MOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
    Getting a little slap happy...
  2. abvolt
    Oh yeah that would be a nice pairing indeed, the WA22 will most definitely be my next upgrade..
  3. dL.

    Think the WA234 might be better for you :wink:

  4. mikroski
    Actually, I leave it on 12-16 hours per day, almost one year now. Stay on my couch, doing all work from there and listen music at the same time. I know that it isn't good and shorten tube life, but don't want to on/off too often. [​IMG]
  5. breezyjr
    Quote: As stated by dL.
    I'm glad you think I have that kind of money.... <grin>  Although....  Admittedly, I would love one...  wait, I mean two....
    Right now... for one, I'm enjoying the extra "oomph" I hear playing Battlefield 4....
  6. abvolt
    I've never gamed with the WA7 I'll give it a try & see..
  7. malla1ml
    Gaming with the WA7 + WA7tp from the X7 is very enjoyable :)
  8. HiFiGuy528
    Movies are great too. 
  9. abvolt
    Well you guys are right not only is my jazz but also gaming & movies are much better from my Woo, fun to know stuff for sure.. 
  10. johnKenneth
    So have you tried any other tubes? 
     By the way what music tracks did you try with when evaluating?
  11. abvolt
    I just got a matched pair of vintage triple mica 5814A sylvania's. I've not yet tried them but will let you guys know what I think of them, also not too bad on the wallet 94 off fleabay. I've read good impressions on these tubes guess I'll find out this weekend.  
  12. breezyjr
    Woot!  I get my HD-800 tomorrow.... Can't wait to hear what they sound like with this amp and gaming!  (and, of course music!)
    Ok... kind of a separate question...  Anyone using the Oppo HA-1 DAC With the WA7 as the amp?  I love the features on the Oppo, and really am thinking about getting one.....  Just wanted to know what any of you thought.... if you had the same combo...
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place... but, I seem to recall hearing someone here has the OPPO...  TO be clear.. I'm not interested in the amp section of the Oppo...  sure. I'll try it.. but I'm thinking Oppo DAC to the WA7 amp....  
    Thought... ideas.... flames???  hehe
  13. mikroski
    I compare GE and Sylvania by using follows albums
    Jazz: Sails by Chet Atkins, Winelight by Grover Washington Jr., Jazz at the Pawnshop 1, Live at Bluenote by The very tall band (Peterson)
    Vocal: All Angels by All Angels,Song from the Heart by Celtic Woman, Faryl by Faryl Smith, Surrender by Jane Monheit, L' AMour by Katherine Jenkins
    Classical/Soundtrack: Beethoven Symphony by LSO, Great Film Fantasies by CPO, Chopin Piano Concerto by Arthur Rubinstein
    I will buy either Miniwatt Holland or Mullard Long Plate this week [​IMG]
  14. zackzack
    Massive difference from the original power supply?
  15. money4me247 Contributor
    @breezyjr it is bc tubes have a limited life span. leaving your amplifier on, but not using it & not planning on using it soon is just wasting its life span. tubes will need to replaced much faster.
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