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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. rage3324
    Thanks! I could have sworn I saw a little mini chart of someone breaking down the different tubes in this thread but I can't seem to find it. 
  2. olegausany
    That chart was for 12AU7 tubes used in the power supply not the amp
  3. mikroski
    This is for tp
  4. dL.
    Did they raise the price? http://www.upscaleaudio.com/mullard-cv4003-12au7-vintage-new-old-stock/
    I thought it was $75 before...
  5. malla1ml
    Yep, looks like it. Quite a jump in price.
  6. Jeb Listens
    Hi dl - That's pricey - with tubes it's a question of supply and demand, I suppose.  When using a fine and precious piece of equipment like the WA7 I can totally understand the desire to buy these tubes from an upstanding place like Upscale where they have rigorous testing and will match the tubes and even cryo treat them.
    However, just a couple of things to bear in mind:
    1) Matching 6C45s is said to be "beneficial" but matching pairs of rectifier tubes in the tube power supply is not as critical.  
    2) NOS CV4003s can be found on eBay for $35-40 each, tested but sold as singles. 
    Just something to consider.  I bought 4 for $150.  The seller seemed sound and was unable to do matching pairs but was happy to test the tubes prior to sending to make sure they were testing as "new".  Feedback was 100% and full of people buying many of these tubes and very happy with them.  They arrived for me in perfect condition, original boxes, with shiny clean pins.  These kinds of prices and deals do pop-up as sellers get their hands on a crate-full. 
    I have to admit, I haven't rolled them in yet - I'm still getting to know the stock tubes... soooo I might well eat my words... but it's something to consider.   If somebody did a test of matched vs unmatched it'd be interesting.
    All the best, 
  7. abvolt
    Wow your right they did rise there price. They are vintage tubes probably when stock is gone that's it, or just want more cash...
  8. Hififox
    Hi all,
    I got some problem with my wa7tp. I plugged in 2 nos Mullard CV4003 3 days before, the first time when I switched it on, my left tube got a spark. But I didn't turn it off and everything worked well. Today when I switched it on, the right tube got a spark. Everything is still good now, but I'm worrying that the sparks will destroy the circuits. I like to know that it's just the normal situation like the dust drop in the circuits or it's not a good situation will damage my wa7tp.
  9. abvolt
    Some arcing in a vacuum tubes is fine most of the time, my mullard CV4003 did that for a few times and so did the stock woo tubes. It won't damage your amp, most of the time it's caused by a fractured filament or some  contamination in the tube. It should just go away mine did..
  10. mikoss
    Finally rolled in some NOS Mullard 12au7a's that I purchased from vacuumtubes.net, and I literally cannot believe how amazing guitar sounds. This takes the WA7 to a whole new level for me... guitar sounds so magically delicious. It just sounds so very detailed, with nice tonality, and amazingly "correct". I feel like I've never heard guitar sound so right until now. These are probably not even highly sought after Mullards either... They came as Amperex labelled 12AU7A ECC82 "Made in Gt. Britain" 73 51 Gf2 B3G2 
    I take it these are Blackburn tubes made in '73?
  11. abvolt
    I agree the mullards are amazing my favorites..
  12. malla1ml
    Same here as well.  I wanted to burn in the stock tubes so that I had a basis for comparison. Even before the Mullard CV4003's (from upscale audio & cryo treated) were finished being broken in, I could hear an immediate difference.  I'll have to roll in my Brimars, JANs and RCA clear tops to decide which is the best for me.  But the Mullards made a huge difference right off the bat.  
  13. mikroski
    I'm very happy with GE.
    Sylvania is a big improvement from stock tube but GE is one step further
    Bass: Sylvania has a tight, punchy bass. GE has more good balance with mid, no feeling like listen to subwoofer as Sylvania
    Treble: Sylvania has crisp high but not have a good harmonic. GE's treble has softer sound but better extension in harmonic and better details. For piano, violin, percussion, etc. I can hear a lot airy, harmonics and vibe of treble.
    Mid: I love mid of GE! Repeat, I love mid of GE! I can hear more details, I can feel the passion of singer. It has euphemistic and sweet sound. Less forward than Sylvania
    Sound stage: GE's sound stage is better. Layer of each instrument is very goods. Very good for classical music, 
    According the suggestion from tubeworld, I will order Amperex Phillips. And see how it compare with GE
  14. abvolt
    Well you've managed to perk my interests in the GE's I'll be giving them a try..
  15. mikroski
    I'm very interesting in either Mullard or Amperex, but not now. I'm very happy with GE tonal balance, details and sweet warm [​IMG]
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