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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. JoelT

    "Better" works for me.
  2. Bevo

    Well i bought it anyways to see how much "better" it could really be. Would just be nice to give consumers a bit more info on the product before actually releasing it.
  3. warrenpchi Administrator
    No.  There are two power switches - one on the power supply and one on the amp - but the switch on the power supply functions as a master.  So from now on, we don't have to reach behind the amp to turn it on.  That switch can be left in the on position permanently.
    BTW, when you set up and plug in the WA7tp, don't be surprised if it doesn't seem to turn on.  Only when the WA7 is plugged-in with it's own switch turned-on does the power supply come on.
    EDIT:  Just as a reminder, make sure you set the correct voltage on the underside of the WA7tp.
  4. smellyfungus
    thanks for the tips. anyone else get theirs yet?
  5. JoelT
    Just an email stating that I'll be getting another email in a week or so when it ships. Pretty stoked.
  6. warrenpchi Administrator
    Lol.  Well then this will really float your boat... @morserotonin and I are going to be doing an initial impressions write-up tonight for Audio360.org.  It'll go live tomorrow, and I'll be re-posting it here.  So I guess I'm posting to tell you that I'll be making another post tomorrow.
  7. JoelT
    Warren: You are the man.
  8. warrenpchi Administrator
  9. Maxx134
    In that impression link, they spoke of clarity.
    I didn't know this.

    Sooo that means it will be even more of an upgrade for me than I thought,
    Because I never compared to older PSU.

    I only compared a tube roll..that's it.
    The same wa7tp with just one other tube set,
    and there was clearly a percieved improved bass impact and weight(!)
    Yet switching back on stock tubes I just felt same clarity with less authority..
    So this will be more interesting than I thought.

    At the headfi meet, I felt that with the tube roll it attained a majestic level of sound comparable to the best stuff I herd that day.
    I realize that sounds like a little hype,
    But that's how it was to me.
  10. warrenpchi Administrator
    The WA7tp makes a WAY bigger difference than the EH gold pins ever did.  I am VERY MUCH enjoying my rig now.  [​IMG]
  11. JoelT
    Thanks for the early impressions, Warren. Much appreciated. One quick question: You touched on soundstage briefly, and you both clearly felt that it was increased. Was the improvement fairly significant, or was it more of a slight bump up in terms of width, depth, etc?
  12. warrenpchi Administrator
    Are you saying that you tube rolled the WA7tp and got it sounding much better than stock?  If so, which tubes?  [​IMG]
    You're welcome Joel  [​IMG]  I know everyone here's been wondering, and I was curious myself, so Kevin and I wanted to get our impressions out there a.s.a.p.
    I would definitely say it was significant, yes.  If I had to quantify what I heard, I'd say there was a 40% increase in width and a 60% increase in depth.  So, on one hand, it is definitely significant in terms of it being readily audible... but not like OMFG the staging was a kajillion times bigger.
    That said (and this is the part that mattered most to me), the expansion in both width and depth seemed to pull instruments apart.  The resulting improvement in separation was not trivial.  In other words, it wasn't just the room that got bigger, but the spacing between people and instruments as well.
  13. olegausany
    @warrenpchi the tubes were Jan Sylvania 5814A and they improved bass depth

    Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
  14. HiFiGuy528
    I've got a few of these in a dresser drawer.  Now I just need a WA7tp to use them on.  :)
  15. warrenpchi Administrator
    Thanks Oleg!  [​IMG]  Coincidentally, if there was one single thing I would want to improve on, it would be low end extension.
    You ain't getting mine!  [​IMG]
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