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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. greenedeere
    I listened to the Woo Audio WA7 at the Nashville head phone meet last year and it was my favorite "take away" from the meet.  Still planning to add one to my collection!
  2. dL.

    Nice to hear! What was your impression of it?
  3. Igor01
    Trying the Sylvania JAN5814A tubes in my power supply and contrary to what I was expecting the stock tubes sound better to me - the Sylvanias tend to exaggerate bass and bring treble too forward.  I prefer the tighter controlled and more defined bass with the stock tubes.  The high frequency sparkle which makes HD800 such a wonderful high precision acoustic instrument is also strangely muffled or shaved off from the very top.  I am hoping that burn-in will make some difference.
    Edit:  I was getting a nagging feeling that the sound is reminding me of something and just got it - the HD800 are sounding strangely similar to HD580 - bigger but looser bass and veiled top...  It almost sounds like the sound is being EQ'd.  There's also some congested feeling in the mid-treble.  Well, all the enthusiastic Sylvania users can't be wrong, so I'll give them time to settle in (or myself to get used to the sound, whichever the case may be).
  4. abvolt
    Every time I try a different tubes takes me like 2 week before I really notice a difference, These sound very nice for me, 5814A / 12AU7 siemans -->  https://tubedepot.com/products/5814a-12au7-siemens I also have these coming tomorrow Mullard CV4003 --> http://www.upscaleaudio.com/mullard-cv4003-12au7-vintage-new-old-stock/
  5. greenedeere
    I'm not an audio engineer and get a glazed look in my eyes when I try to interpret the charts and measurement provided with technical reviews, I just know what I like to listen to.  Today I have a Maple Shade tube amp and definitely have a bias toward tubes.  The best description I can give of the WA7 is pure, totally clear music and silky, warm sound.  The lack of any perceptible distortion made is a treat to sit closed eyed and focus on each instrument individually and experience the incredible sound stage.  Although I couldn't listen for hours on end (they'd have kicked me out of the show) I found myself going back to listen more.  I often develop some "fatigue" after extended listening but never had a hint of it with the WA7.  And let's face it, that is one stunningly beautiful piece of equipment.  It's like a piece of "audio artwork"!   I WILL have one!
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  6. abvolt
    love your description of the wa7 as " pure, totally clear music and silky, warm sound." Couldn't have said any better..
  7. olegausany
    Especially when you can do tube rolling to get sound signature you want
  8. HiFiGuy528
    We're happy to hear you got a chance to audition WA7.  It is quite a performer for its size.  
    My personal WA7 system:
  9. fudgebucket27
    Is the WA7tp supposed to run like really hot? The base of it has a fair bit of warmth to it compared to the top glass section. Apart from that I'm loving it with my HD700s!
  10. groovyd
    same here... very hot base, cool top.
    @mike so i'm not the only one who wishes the 1/8" output had the same gain as the 1/4 :wink:
  11. abvolt
    mine runs warm also but always assumed all tube amps did that especially any power supplies they might use.. 
  12. HiFiGuy528
    I use 1/4" with IEMs.  The output is dead silent so no reason not to.  :)
  13. groovyd

    same here, just wish the 1/8 out were the same gain.  the volume knob is also easy to turn down but i find the more demanding iems i use (ER-4s and even the T5p) tend to prefer higher gain of the 1/4" :wink:
  14. kugino Contributor
    don't really need it, but thinking about jumping on the massdrop buy for the wa7...still undecided on the wa7tp, though i'm sure i'll end up getting it. someone please tell me a reason NOT to get the wa7tp...anyone?
  15. melanor9
    Hi gents,
    Its really nice to see this community rolling. Its nice to be a  part of it and WA7's are amazingly looking and sounding unit (let us forget The Knob ), however I have  An itch for fully balanced setup.
    WA22 + M-DAC +  hd800   on 3-pins xlr all the way out.   I already have   M-DAC sitting in a living room and there is a tempting  proposition for  WA22 in a classfields. Please stop me, while its     not...  too late...
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