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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. HiFiGuy528
    Very impressive collection.  Tubes are a lot of fun and can be a smart investment.  :)
  2. groovyd
    Mullards are really starting to sound incredible now after 40 hours of burn-in.  Much tighter and deeper bass, smoother mids. Am hearing entire instruments in tracks I have listened to thousands of times and never noticed deep in the background.  Very clear, very well defined.
  3. desertblues
    Very similar experience here with the Mullards. I know it sounds cliche, but hearing new things in familiar tracks also. My T1 sounds better than ever with this setup!
  4. BirdManOfCT

    Thanks for starting this thread some 6 months ago. Considering adding the WA7tp to my WA7 and this thread is very helpful.
  5. BirdManOfCT

    Just added EH tubes to stock WA7. Hate burning in time without listening. LOL
    Edit: don't get me wrong, I was replying because I'm glad you indicated your suggested time for burn-in.
  6. BirdManOfCT

    Excellent! Thanks!
  7. ShySugarDaddy
    Thanks guys. 
    I tried the mullard and fell inlove with it.
    better imaging, some sounds that fell behind the music popped out , better instruments ohhh those strings gave me chills. i never imagined that a tube for the psu would have a drastic effect on the sound.
    I'm a noob but after listening to these tubes, I may now know what soul in the music means.
    Although i costed me a hefty 400usd (due to customs corruption)
    Mullard cv4003 match pair. cryo treated.
    i have a question what does the 29000/29000 mean? cant seem to find any info on that.
    is it good? i just picked the highest possible price for this on the upscale audio site.
  8. Dogmatrix
    It is a measurement from their test rig which in itself does not mean much more than the tubes work and the sections match 
    ShySugarDaddy likes this.
  9. HemiSam
    Yeah...that's a good move.  I found them terribly bright until they settled down.  I need to go back to the stock tubes to see how I feel about them.  Have to say I was happy with the stock tubes and at first thought I'd made a bad call when I listened to the EH gold tips too early.  They're fine by me now.
  10. Jeb Listens
    Just reviving this thread a little as I'm keen to hear impressions of anyone who has used the WA7/tp and the WA6-SE and what their overall preference was?  
    I'm trying to decide between these two for the LCD2-2Fs and would really value any opinions.  
  11. Jeb Listens

    Hi groovyd,

    That's an impressive stockpile! May I ask what are the 'hybrids' you mentioned?


  12. groovyd

    Sovteks but cryo bought from different distributor
  13. dL.
    Quick question guys!
    Is your WA7TP top plate (that has the 2 tube cutout) loose? When I put on the glass and align it, the top plate would have quite a bit of play / movement. The WA7 top plate is solid without any movement. Not a big deal as I won't touch it after I put on the glass, but just wondering if it wasn't installed properly or if it's the nature of the TP version.
  14. HemiSam
    The piece on my WA7 has a small bit of movement, but it is locked in nicely...not coming out.  It is a non-issue.
  15. dL.

    So yours is the WA7 that has small movement but the TP top plate is fine? If so, then I guess it's just variance then.
    Has anyone also had a white spark on one of the tubes for the TP unit? When I first powered it up, it was fine. Then the second time, one of the tube sparked some white light for a split second but everything seems fine. Could it be because I'm using a crappy power cable?
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