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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. desertblues
    A brief update on the Mullard Ecc82's I'm running in my WA7tp: with several hours listening today I'm at 20 hours on them and they are indeed improving with break-in! This is for me THE choice for the T1, they have never sounded this good with any tubes I've used-not even close! Incredible layering and spaciousness, enhanced bass that seems to go deeper but it is well-defined. Highs are not harsh at all but not rolled off either, while vocals and mids are gorgeous as usual with the T1's. I got into some jazz today and it was just stunning, percussion is mind blowing (ever heard Ahmad Jamal's Blue Moon album?). I frequently end a listening session with a track from the 192/24 flac download of "Kind of Blue", today it was the entire thing - twice!
  2. frankrondaniel
    I'm having a similar experience with Mullard CV4003's that were suggested earlier in the thread.  I've had them in the TP for the past couple of days - not sure if that's long enough for them to fully burn in. But with T1's and HD800's, I'm also hearing a nice spaciousness and layering, and highs that don't need the EQ that I normally need to apply.  The bass is there, deep and well defined, but I still feel a certain lack of weight if that makes any sense.  I wonder if the ECC82's would provide that.
  3. groovyd
    Still waiting on my Mullards.  Got a second (very strong) set of cleartops off ebay which have a totally different sound then the other 3 sets i have.  I think one should keep in mind that all tubes sound differently even within the same make.  Perhaps it has more to do with the 'strength', with these cleartops measuring 2100+ umhos which is considered better then new apparently but I have no idea what these numbers actually mean.  I am guessing one of my sets of cleartops which I was not impressed with is probably much lower (older?).  Could one tube winning over another be a question of 'freshness'?
  4. groovyd
    Where do I get a tube tester?  Something that measures for matching, umhos, staleness, whatever...
  5. fengwei007
    I wonder where to find these tubes, and the price? I searched on eBay, there are too many varieties, and prices defer quite a bit too :frowning2: Would be great if you or someone can point me to the right one so I can give it a shot. 
    Thanks and cheers!
  6. groovyd
    Mullard CV4003's arrived and first impression is an opennes and much more pronounced highs but a bit weaker in the fullness of the bass.  They have ver well defined bass but the emphasis is definitely on the highs.  So far I am thinking I prefer the second 'strong' set of cleartops or the much punchier JANs.
    One thing about these Mullards though is they came in a plain white box and the markings on the tubes do not say Mullard anywhere.  Markings are light white and half rubbed off so not sure if they are indeed authentic.  Other then that they look completely new/unused.  Copper pins I believe but they are blackish, not shiney copper, look like they could be quite old but the insides look brand new.On first power up the heaters came on about double bright and then dimmed down and turning them off and on again they do not exhibit the startup brightness and dimming anymore.  
    They only have a few hours on them so things may indeed change.  They do sound very good with the LCD-X and bring some high end 'T1' like airiness that the JANS lack and even the cleartops a little.  I would say these are closer to the cleartops then the JANs.
  7. groovyd
    didn't take long before the bass started to fill in and the highs dropped off slightly.  They are starting to fill in the gaps and sound actually very nice now with the LCD-X.  There is nothing sloppy sounding about these tubes, very tight controlled bass and highs. Crisp is the word I would use.  They seem to bring a bit of the T1 sound to the LCD-X which I enjoy.
  8. groovyd
    actually the tubes do their bright white light warmup together on every power up.  it isn't a flash but more like a 3 second brightening to pure white and bright to dimming back to normal orange.  is this normal for this type of tube?
  9. smellyfungus

    my mullards flash everytime I turn on the wa7tp. just a quick 1-2 second bright white to regular orange ordeal.
  10. groovyd

    yep, same... apparently it is normal for the early original mullards. guess i need to start thinking of it as a sign of quality :wink:
  11. groovyd
    After some time on the Mullards I am not going back.  They have fully filled in flat and are the cat's meow now :wink:
  12. desertblues

    +1. The Mullards are purring nicely in my wa7tp also. This is the best tube for the T1 imo, hands down! I love the cleartops for my Grado RS1i, but they sing with the mullards also. :wink:
  13. JoelT
    I moved to a pair of cryo'd NOS Mullard CV4003's a little over a week or so ago as well. I don't get any flashing/arcing with mine thankfully. Overall, very yummy. 
    I agree with the previous comments - a very resolving, detailed tube, that's tonally balanced with richly textured bass and superb impact. They've become my favorite WA7tp tube, and play well with all of my headphones. Both my LCD-2 and my HD800 sound tonally "right", which is saying something. The only "gripe" I have is that sibilance is very obvious if it's on the recording (particularly with the HD800, to no ones surprise). This is not a tube that glosses over recording flaws in the slightest. If you're looking for gooey "tube warmth", look elsewhere. However, if you want microdetail, resolution, texture, soundstaging & separation, and excellent timbre, this is the best I've heard. As l've spent time listening with these tubes, I keep picking up nuances and details that I hadn't heard before, oftentimes in the lower registers of the spectrum. The low end punch these tubes can exhibit still catches me off guard, with zero bass bloat. Quite impressive - and the end of the WA7tp tube-rolling journey for me. 
  14. jhljhl
    Can you use 12ax7s?
  15. desertblues

    No, has to be a 12au7 type!
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