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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. HemiSam
    That's a great pic...thanks for sharing your experience!
  2. audiophile_007
    Hey guys I need your help!
    I've been loving my wa7 + wa7tp for a few months now but yesterday I tried to turn it on via the big button on the tp (i always have the switch on the wa7 up) and it went on for a sec before it died.
    thirst thing i thought was going on was that a fuse popped (happened before) so i switched out the fuse to a working one and still no life in my wa7 and wa7tp.
    after that i tried to connect my solid state psu to my wa7 instead of my wa7tp and still, no life to be seen.
    The orange light on the solid state psu wouldnt even turn on.
    does anyone have any idea whats wrong? or do i need to send on or both in for repairs? :frowning2:
    thnx in advance guys.
  3. Bevo
    I wasn't aware there was an orange light on the solid state psu. It could be the fuse of the wa7.
  4. audiophile_007
    does the wa7 even have a fuse? cant seem to find it :p
  5. HemiSam
    This is a great question.  I just received my WA7 yesterday (no WA7TP power supply so I can't help there) and was wondering about this very thing.  I expect it does, just a matter of where.
  6. LemSkee
    A pair of RCA Clear Tops should be making its way to my doorstep as well...  Will share with yall after they've been broken in...
  7. CongeeBear
    Tube Depot offers so many additional options for the Clear Tops -- I haven't a clue which ones are worth paying for, aside from "matching" the tubes. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks!
  8. frankrondaniel
    Being the "tube noob" that I am, I took all of the options thinking I would get "better" tubes as a result.  It was a completely uninformed decision. I may have simply wasted some money.  I'm curious to know if the other options really make a difference.
  9. CongeeBear
    Price-wise, the options don't add much to the overall cost -- I'm more concerned that some of these extra options might actually prove detrimental to the sound quality..
    Edit: I guess this is why it's easier to just buy 'em from Woo, lol
  10. frankrondaniel
    Yeah - hopefully none of the options will degrade the SQ!
  11. JoelT
    I received my pair of NOS RCA clear tops yesterday and have been running burn-in on the tubes. Early impressions are very positive. I'll comment more once they have enough hours on them, but I so far I'm finding them superior to the Sylvania JAN's. 
  12. frankrondaniel

    Wow - that's good to hear!  I thought that the Sylvania's were good - so that's great if the Clear Tops are even better.
  13. HiFiGuy528
    I'm using the Clear Tops too.  Great stuff!
  14. LemSkee
    very interesting... makes me even more eager to receive mine [​IMG]
  15. LemSkee
    Do you feel you've sacrificed anything regarding bass with the RCAs?  One thing I really appreciated about the JANs was the bass improvement they delivered.
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