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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. JoelT
    Thanks for the impressions on this tube. I placed an order for a pair of these as well, earlier this evening. They sound very promising...definitely excited to check them out with the HD800 & the LCD-2F.
  2. JoelT
    I agree, it is indeed a very good combination. I find the HD800 to be smooth, slightly warm and completely free of harshness with WA7/WA7tp using the Electro harmonix Gold Pins & the Sylvania JAN 5814A respectively. If you're using the internal DAC, and you choose to upgrade, you'll definitely hear a difference there as well.  
  3. nine93
    I'm going to get some Sylvania JAN 5814A for my WA7tp.  Does it matter to get matched pair or not?
  4. lengcm
    Just received mine yesterday. Running it with my RS1E
  5. olegausany
    How RS1e compares to HD800 ?
  6. groovyd
    does the left tube in the power supply provide the power to the left channel and tube of the amp? curious because my left amp tube is much brighter then the right but the right tube in the power supply is much brighter then the left. is the left tube in the amp actually the left channel of the headphones?
  7. Dogmatrix
    There are many possible configurations eg one tube for heater current and one for plate current in this case matching would not be required
    Information is scarce , I don't even know if the WA7 runs AC or DC heaters
  8. pragu
    Oof, those cleartop tubes Woo posted about on facebook are pricy! $245 for a couple of tubes!
    That said, I'd love to hear from someone who picks up a pair...
  9. JoelT
    Agreed. Definitely not cheap. That said, being a glutton for punishment, I purchased a pair. I'll post some impressions comparing them to the Sylvania JAN's and the stock tubes; after I burn in the RCA clear top's of course. 
  10. CongeeBear
    Are Woo's clear tops the same as the ones here?
    If so, why the extraordinary price premium?
  11. frankrondaniel
    That's my question as well - I wasn't sure if it was the same tube.
  12. JoelT
    Perhaps Mike can weigh in on the exact tubes & pricing. Woo Audio described them as, "NOS RCA 12AU7 Clear Tops". 
    I fully expect mark up given that they've gone through listening tests to find what tubes are worth offering (i.e. requires time/money), as well as testing what they sell to their customers. I don't have too big of a problem with this, assuming it creates a low-risk purchasing situation for me as a buyer. I ultimately feel that getting a very solid recommendation is worth more to me at the moment, given that I don't own a drawer full of 12AU7's to try. Furthermore, I don't have a problem supporting a small audio company like Woo Audio who's making products I enjoy and appreciate. This said, obviously everyone has to make such a decision for themselves. I'm sure my logic will seem like madness to some. 
  13. desertblues
    To each his own, but there is only one RCA Cleartop (a mid-1960's 12au7 ). Nos matched pairs go for $40-$70 from reputable dealers, rebranded pairs are cheaper but just as good. That said, I'm currently using a pair in my WA7tp and they sound amazing!
  14. frankrondaniel
    Just ordered a set of the RCA Cleartops from Tube Depot.
  15. Dogmatrix
    Dropped in the clear tops nice nos 59 pair
    Compared to the Sylvania 5814 , I prefer the mid and treble with the clear tops stronger mids and cleaner treble bass was better with the 5814
    They look great too
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