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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. Maxx134
    I abandoned the built in dac in the wa7 long ago and use an Arcam irdac.
    At the time I considered it smoother and cleaner to the edgy wa7 internal DAC.

    Since then my DAC became transparent so I don't even focus on it.
    Now with this new PSU it is very musical sound.

    The headphone will not matter as I hear improvement regardless.

    As for synergy with the hd800..
    For me The hd800 finally becomes musical in my specific setup.

    Its no longer as analytical and distracting, as details now take on a breath of musicality.
    The larger sonic stage compliments the cans ability to display it.
    So now the hd800s soundstage is more natural and not artificial.

    Transparency abounds more naturally, and that is an impressive achievement for me, because I thought to give up on the hd800 being unnaturally large and too analytically detailed & distracting.

    So In other words the hd800 sounds like it is connected to a top quality tube amp,
    as thats the type to make an hd800 sing..

    I am on the Sylvania 5814 tubes exclusively and the stock will probably never be used :p
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    Holy crap, this thread blew up tonight!  [​IMG]
    Okay... so that thing where I told people not to upgrade if the were perfectly happy with the solid state PSU... no one is going to pay attention to that anymore right?  [​IMG]  [​IMG]

    Edmonton, man I'm sorry.  I was hoping that yours would just show up.  [​IMG]  Have you tried PMming HiFiGuy528?  Now that he works for them, maybe he could help a fellow Head-Fier out?
    Mine are a perfect match.  The only thing I can notice is that the WA7tp seems to have sharper corners, but that was only after some degree of scrutiny.
    Hey Esau (and everyone).  My early impressions over at Audio360 were all done with the WA7's stock DAC.  I didn't want to presume that everyone was using a different DAC.  That said, I have since switched back over to my Mytek DAC.  As you would imagine, detail has increased considerably.
  3. warrenpchi Administrator
    You are seriously tempting me now... [​IMG].  Screw it, I'll do it.  Then I'm going to show my buddy third_eye how this drives his HD 800 for only half the cost. 
    Maxx134 likes this.
  4. JoelT
    The Sylvania JAN 5814A's bring back all of the bass attack/drive that was in the SS psu, and then some...while still maintaining the control and texture of the stock WA7tp tubes. Truly impressive dynamics from an amp at this price point. I need to do some more back and forth testing, but I sense that the bass body may be slightly boosted as well, though that perception may be a product of simply gaining more impact. Still lots more listening to be done... 
  5. olegausany
    Let the tubes at least 24 hours of use before making complete opinion
  6. JoelT
    100% Agreed. They are very early impressions and more time is needed. Thanks for pointing that out...good to keep things in context. That said, I need to run burn in time on both tube sets. My comment was more of a confirmation of Maxx134's thoughts on the tubes...I'm hearing some of the same things, even at an early stage. We'll see how things pan out with some time.
  7. Maxx134
    My observations agree about the tube warm up.

    Although, the stock tubes take longer to come to full sonic potential.
    The Sylvania are much quicker to sound fully warm..

    Once I realized this, I decided to give some time for both to reach full sonic potential before I played,
    but I don't usually wait that long lol.
    Regardless of how long, my impatience is about 5minutes for me to start with these lil tubes. :p
  8. olegausany
    You should wait 10-15 minutes. Don't forget stock need burn in
  9. Maxx134
    Stock was burned in at the NYmeet and the Sylvania still blew it away.. Remember :wink:
  10. JoelT
    How many hours do you have on your Sylvania's thus far?
  11. olegausany
    His Sylvanias were used by two owners before he got them
  12. JoelT
    Missed that detail. Thanks.
  13. Maxx134
    Thanks I didn't know that either. :)
  14. groovyd
    agree the TP push button should be a twist with a click to turn on off.  It seems out of sync as you say with the WA7 knob.  The On/Off graphic as well looks out of place above the button.  I might prefer no push button at all and just using the WA7 to power on if it were just a cube with no button at all.  Or even the same type rear switch as on the WA7.
  15. groovyd
    turns out the glass cube is 1mm thicker on one of the units and the rubber feet are also about 1mm deeper giving almost 2mm difference between them except that it is not even, 2mm on one side an 1mm on the other.  Used a micrometer to measure.
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