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Woo Audio Wa7--- Gen 1 + EHX gold plated upgraded tubes

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    Hi everyone for sale is my Woo Audio Wa7--- gen 1

    Comes with the regular power supply ( not the tube power supply )

    I do not have the box that it came with, also I have only 2 glass pads not 4 but those can be bought for 1 usd from Woo audio in case you need those

    So what you will get is just the amp and power supply plus the stock tubes and a generic usb cable

    Buyer pays shipping and pay pal fees

    This will be shipped from Israel ( 75 usd world wide shipping )

    Best wishes
    WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-15_at_10.35.40.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-15_at_10.35.41.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-15_at_10.35.401.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-15_at_10.35.402.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-15_at_10.35.411.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-15_at_10.35.412.jpeg

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