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Woo Audio wa6 with sophia princess rectifier - NEW

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  1. Phono Groove
    For Sale
    WA6 amplifier with sophia princess rectifier.  I bought this amp new in May from Jack Woo himself, I met him at the Montreal show and he brought the amp to me in person.  In total the amp has no more than 20 hours and the sophia 5 hours at most.  It is immiculate like new, it sat in my office the whole time.  Reason for selling, I want to try a solid state amplifier with my hd650s .  Price does not include shipping, I accept Paypal, will ship with original box, the stock rectifier tube is included as well.  Thanks!
  2. jcoombs
    Interested, sent email
  3. jcoombs
    Still interested, haven't heard from you...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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