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Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ahzari, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. Law87

    Chinese adapter?
  2. Deyan
    Nope. I make them. Top socket is russian the rest is machined by me.
  3. DMR14
    Deyan's adapter works. I got a few for my darkvoice 336SE. If there is an issue, he responds faster than I can finish complaining. LOL jk. Deyan.
  4. Zachik
    I can vouch for Deyan's craftsmanship and customer service. Top notch (I got a pair of adapters from him for a different amp).
  5. Astral Abyss
    ... and then there's us guys with the 13de7 edition. We get no love.
  6. Law87

    lol trade me then...
  7. barbz127
    Hi all,
    I am eyeing off a wa6 with stock tubes (near new) and wondering if this is still a worthwhile amp/investment with the various options available to the market today?

    Headphones aren't anything serious 600ohm dt880 and alessandro Ms2 - currrent amp is a magni 3 and it's not giving me the same enjoyment as my previous schiit tube amps did (Valhalla 1).

    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
  8. DMR14
    I still own 1st gen WA6 which is my very first tube amp. Still enjoy it time to time but nowadays I do enjoy listening Darkvoice 336SE more. If you are planning to upgrade in future, DV may be another option to consider IMO. Two tubes are cheaper than three and with right adapters you can roll with other cheap driver tubes with DV. Dont get me wrong. WA6 is very good with right tubes to your preference but tube rolling can cost more than the amp.
  9. barbz127
    Thankyou for that feedback.

    I can't foresee any need to drive iems from a desktop but would you say the wa6 is better suited to a wider range of impedences?
  10. DMR14
    If I remember correctly Woo website says from 8 or 12 ohm. I listen WA6 with ZMF Ori and it is fine although you have to turn the volume higher than let's say hd6XX or hd700 to my ears. When I listen Ori, I usually use 6FD7s as drivers. I dont own any IEMs except for the ones come with my phone so I cannot say about IEM.
  11. barbz127

    The unit I am looking at has markings for 6de7 for the driver tubes so I'm going to assume this is the older model.

    Is that correct? Anything to worry about?
  12. DMR14
    Yes. 6DE7 is the 1st gen. In this thread, you will find bunch of information about tube rolling options and impressions. I posted an URL for 1st gen WA6 compatibility chart a while ago and you can reference that. You can invest on socket savers for driver tubes as well.

    I will say just enjoy it.
  13. Cho Worsh
    Verum 1 with Canare L4E6S cable powered by WA6SE (with your favorite rectifier and driver tubes) is highly recommended. Waited 10 weeks for mine but it was worth it.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
  14. barbz127
    How important is matched tubes for the wa6?

    Looking to see if I can find a pair of 6fd7 from rca or slyvania.
  15. gefski
    I always seek matched pairs, but don't think it's as critical as in amplifiers using multiple tubes in each channel, where I would want all the tubes in each channel matched. When I used 7n7 in my WA6+, I had 6 or so tubes, and just got pairs as close as possible using my portable Sencore tester and it worked fine.
    barbz127 likes this.
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