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Woo Audio WA6 Headphone Amplifier FINAL PRICE DROP!!!!

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  1. bookaboo
    For Sale
    I traded my Violectric V100 for this amp several months ago with another Head Fier and have been enjoying the mellow tube sound but I am streamlining my setup so it is time to move this beauty on. In excellent condition with original box and manual, these amps are built like tanks and can drive a wide variety of headphones.p>

    Buyer pays shipping
  2. toschek
    Is this still for sale and would you be willing to ship to the US? Would any modifications be needed to use it in the US? Please PM if you still have it and can ship to US.
  3. Mattimis
    im sure he can, its if youre willing to pay the +100$ shipping :p
  4. toschek
    Ack, never mind. I thought for some reason this one had a Sophia princess tube included.
  5. samye14
    where in aus are you?
  6. bookaboo
  7. Santo8891
    little bit interested with this... how old are this WA6? I'm in sydney NSW...
  8. bookaboo
    Hi there, I have had it for about 6 months and it was 1 yo when I got it. The Sophia princess tube is only about 4 weeks old and the driver tubes were unused when I got the unit as the previous owner had other tubes he was using with it. It is in 9/10 condition and I have all the packaging, and instructions. Shipping to Sydney should be about $45.

  9. muck
    sophia princess still included in the sale?
  10. bookaboo
    No. I sold it separately. Hence the new price. $450 for a wa6 is a steal IMO :D
  11. blairfrischx
    Now if only you weren't in Australia. :frowning2:
  12. mrjirapong
    im send to pm 
  13. bookaboo
    This is definitely my final price! Great Deal - the Woo WA6 for the price of a Schiit valhalla.
  14. wilzc
    If only..  these were..  silver T___T
  15. malkit
    I could be interested,would you be prepared to ship to the UK and if so how much would it cost?​
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