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Woo Audio WA6, extra tubes, exc cond, must sell due to cancer (+shipping)

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by stoney, Dec 3, 2012.
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  1. Stoney Contributor
    For Sale
    This amp is a delight for me, but I do most listening in the other room now with a portable rig due to illness.  I'm raising money while out on disability (which may last for my lifetime, actually!). Bought directly from Woo, one owner.  Silver color, beautiful, no blemishes.  Original tubes and some upgrades.  For example, I can offer a couple of additional regulators, either spares of my favorites, or an assortment (I graded about 5 best ones with listening notes -- some are very extended and literal, others more romantic).  
    I live in Santa Clara, CA if you happen to be local.  
    I can ship in US, and I'm a very good packer!  
    Shipping is extra, so the delivery date is up to you....
  2. Mcberto
    PM Sent.
  3. cizx
    Good luck; I went through thyroid cancer earlier this year. Stay positive, etc... it's corny but it's helpful.
  4. niten
    I don't want to spam your thread unnecessarily, but your thread title caught my as I was browsing the forums.
    Best of luck to you.
  5. etys rule
    ^ + 1
    Best wishes to you, and GLWS.
  6. Losingedge
    PM sent
  7. Stoney Contributor
    Hi, all: 
    Thanks for the well wishes, much appreciated!  
    I've already accepted payment, so it is sold rather irrevocably.  :wink:  Thanks for contacting me.  
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