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Woo Audio WA6 - Complete upgrade package!!! - Tube rollers dream

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  1. amcananey
    For Sale
    So....settle in, because this will take a while. Please read the below carefully before asking any questions.
    Up for sale is my silver Woo Audio WA6. This has the pseudo dual power supply and it has the larger holes for the driver/power tubes, which allow for greater tube rolling. It is in excellent condition. I'd call it mint, but I'll call it 9/10 to be conservative. If you think you see a flaw in the pictures, I can pretty much guarantee it's dust (I always forget to clean my gear before taking pictures). Ask me, and I will check/confirm for you. One caution on the pictures: do not assume that anything pictured is included. Go by what is written below (for example, the silicone tube dampers are not included, nor are the two smaller rectifiers pictured, although these are available separately, see below) .
    The WA6 is a wonderful amp, and extremely versatile. It is transformer-coupled, and can therefore be used with both high impedance (Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic) and low impedance cans (including Denons, Grados, Ultrasones, etc.). BUT, to get the most out of the WA6, you must enter into the magical world of tube rolling. Thus the following:
    I am currently only interested in selling the WA6 as a package with the following tubes:
    (Note: most of these tubes have less than 2 hours of use. Some weren't used more than 20 minutes. Even the tubes with the most hours are under 25 hours total.)
    1. Stock 274B - Brand? It is made in China. Tung-Sol? Sovtek? No idea...
    2. Princess Sophia Mesh Plate 274B (very, very low hours, clear as a bell)
    Driver/Power Tube Adapters
    3. Pair of original Woo Audio 6GL7/6EM7 --> 6DE7 Teflon tube adapters (permits use of 6GL7 or 6EM7 tubes in the driver/power tube sockets)
    4. Pair of orignal Woo Audio 6SN7 --> 6DE7 Teflon tube adapters (permits use of 6SN7 tubes in the driver/power tube sockets) - Note: for whatever reason, these are mislabeled as "6DE7 --> 6SN7" adapters. I assure you the markings are wrong and they go the right way.
    Driver/Power Tubes (Note: these are all matched pairs)
    5. 6CY7 (stock/new, skinny bottle)
    6. Sylvania 6DR7 (NOS, skinny bottle)
    7. General Electric 6EW7 (NOS, fat bottle)
    8. Sylvania 6FD7 (NOS, fat bottle)
    9. Westinghouse 6EM7/6EA7 (NOS?, requires use of adapter)
    10. General Electric 6SN7GTB (NOS, requires use of adapter) - Note: these appear different (i.e., different structure), but they are a matched pair.
    11. RCA 6GL7 (NOS, requires use of adapter)* - Note: one of these tubes is bad. I bought them from Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, and Brent has agreed to replace it, but this will take a few days.
    The following tubes are NOT included, but can be purchased separately:
    Brimar 5Z4G / CV1863 rectifier (Note: this is not marked as a Brimar, but it most certainly is)
    Mullard 5Z4GT 
    The price for the above direct from Woo Audio would be:
    $620 - WA6 plus stock tubes
    $160 - Princess Sophia rectifier upgrade
    $110 - Matched pair of 6GL7s plus one pair of 6GL7-->6DE7 adapters
    $150 - Matched pair of 6SN7s plus one pair of 6SN7-->6DE7 adapters
    $17 - Matched pair of NOS 6DR7s
    $35 - Shipping (probably more, this is the minimum)
    = $1,092
    Even that price wouldn't include all of the following: 
    - Matched pair of General Electric 6EW7s fat bottles
    - Matched pair of Sylvania 6FD7 fat bottles
    - Matched pair of Westinghouse 6EM7/6EA7s (my personal favorites, by the way)
    My price for all of the above? $775, including domestic shipping. I will ship the amp separately (in its original packaging) from the tubes to avoid damage. This price is net to me, after you pay any applicable fees (I personally suggest you choose a payment option that doesn't cost you anything in terms of fees, but I leave that up to you). Check my feedback: +96 without a single complaint.
    I am willing to ship internationally, but you will pay the full cost of shipping. I can work with you to minimize potential customs issues.
    If you have any questions, let me know. 
    Best regards,
  2. tee0
    PM Sent
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