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Woo Audio WA5 Maxed

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  1. prosperone
    For Sale
    WOO AUDIO WA5 Maxed
    This mint WA5 is fully maxed, including the Premium Parts Upgrade Package and the Teflon Tube Sockets upgrade (combined upgrade value $1,250).  The total cost was $4,400.    The WA5 has seen about 175-200 total hours of use and is in absolutely mint/pristine condition, 10/10.   It is more than powerful enough to drive even HE6 headphones.
    The stock tubes, transformer/amp umbilical and the transport boxes with shaped styrofoam are included.  Woo does not supply power cords or interconnects so these are also not included.
    Woo Audio WA5 maxed = $3500 (includes the following tubes: Shuguang 300b-98 (x2); Sophia Electric 6sn7 (x2); Shuguang 274b (x2).  We can also swap these tubes out for others on my for sale list and make price adjustments to the deal. 
    Please see my other listings many many tubes.  If interested we can work a package deal on any items still available.  I also have a power cord available - PS Audio Perfectwave.  If the deal wraps up quickly I will throw this in.
    Please also look me up on eBay. My user name on ebay is Prosperone. I have a long long very good history on ebay. 
    My eBay feedback is here:  http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=prosperone&ftab=AllFeedback
    SHIPPING & PAYMENT TERMS:  I accept PayPal.
     I ship using FedEx or UPS  Signature required.  I don't ship until PayPal advises me that your payment has cleared.  Buyer pays PayPal fees (3% for US buyers)
     Local pickup area is Chicago, IL, USA. 
  2. bamboo5354
  3. Dubstep Girl
    lol missed it by a week.
    good luck Prosperone! 
  4. jc9394
    Where is my toy budget???  [​IMG]  I can even hand carry it back next week.  Empty tea tin...  GLWS
  5. Khragon
    6 months too early. Got to sell my wa22 first.
  6. prosperone

    Hmmm Too Late, Too Early - starting to sound like the three bears.  Time for a "This one is just right :)"
  7. phy2c
    I sent a PM about purchasing your wa5
  8. HiFiGuy528
    Hearing the WA5 powering the Abyss headphones and AKG K1000 was quite an incredible experience.  We had this combo at the Newport show over the weekend.  If there's a demand, we'll bring them to the upcoming S.F. Head-Fi meet.  Let me know!
  9. Drew511
    would you mind letting me know how much you got for this?  I also have a fully maxed-out WA5, with all upgrades, including the Sophia Princess tubes, and I am considering selling this (all black).  Thanks very much.
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