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Woo Audio WA22. Excellent Condition. Black. Free 5998 Power Tubes. PAYPAL & SHIPPING included!

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  1. ckunstadt
    For Sale
    For your consideration:
    ~2 year old Woo Audio WA22 for sale in black. Excellent condition. Light dust likely. Packed in original box and packing material. Comes with stock (terrible) tubes. plus FREE pair of 5998 power tubes.
    Not sure what to say about it, really. I LOVE this thing but I simply do not have the time or opportunity to listen to it any more. This is my first tube amp of any sort and I absolutely fell in love with the sound and tube rolling (and collecting) it afforded. Where digital audio has removed the careful pondering of what album to listen to, sampling new tubes or choosing them based on your mood or that evening's musical genre goes a long way to regain that pleasure. Very... zen.
    In my wild tube collecting days, I purchased 3 pairs of 5998 power tubes. These were my favorites with my LCD-3s. They are strong, clear and cast a really nice sound stage. I am including one pair with the purchase of my amp. Since I cannot guarantee them, I am calling them FREE. I have others that sound really nice but with less power they are better suited to less demanding headphones.
    I have many rectifiers, power tubes, and driver tubes for this amp. My experience is mainly with my LCD-3s, some with my Grado RS-1s, and occasionally with some older AKG-501s. I think I could probably help recommend some tube combinations depending on your headphones - if thats of any interest. While I DO own a preamp that uses the same rectifier type and 6SN7 drivers, I would consider selling some tubes along with the amp at a good price. Tube rolling is much more difficult when the preamp is closed up and put in a cabinet. 
    The amp has been in a box for about 1 year. So, I used it for only about a year.
    I will include PayPal and shipping to lower 48 states at asking price.
  2. Carlsan
    Nice, good luck. It looks amazing.
  3. Ch67r
    PM Send
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