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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. attmci
    Buy a NIB 422A and forget about the rectifier tube rolling.
    007.JPG 1 PAIR 5Z4GR_Brimar CV1863 $60.00CA.jpg
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  4. attmci
    Best value rectifier for the WA22.
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  5. Dan Lee
    Are you referring specifically to the Western Electric NOS 422A? I was looking for one of those and have had a relatively difficult time finding one.
  6. UntilThen
  7. attmci

    Everybody's waiting
    Everybody's watching
    Even when you're sleeping
    Keep your eyes open
    U'll find one

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  8. Dan Lee
    @thecrow where are you able to find the tung sol 5998's at $250 a matched pair? I have had a hard time finding tubes at prices I sometimes see listed in this thread.

    I've currently got a nice set of Raytheon VT231 NOS I'm running as driver tubes and they are really great with regard to clarity, soundstage, and holographics. I've got a nice NOS RCA 5R4GY rectifier that has added a bit more to the speed. Im using some Sylvania 7236 for power tubes.

    Overall this combination sounds very good, but I want to get a sound more euphonic and or euphoric in nature. Something magical and ghostly sounding that I've only every experienced from tubes. I recently bought a pair of the well known RCA 5692 red base drivers on someones recommendation that they had a bit of that sound and in all honesty I found them rather dissapointing compared to the Raytheon. Soundstage was a little smaller and rather than add warmth, or tube like tonalities it gave a good bit more clarity which though nice is not really what I am looking for in a tube amp.

    Any other reccomendations my friends? Any of you selling or know anyone selling some tubes of the type listed above?

    Thanks guys
  9. thecrow
  10. Dan Lee
    Wow thank you @thecrow thats a good price and if I'm not mistaken arent those pretty much the same as the TS5998. I was of the understanding that TS was the only one to have made the 5998 though I very well could be mistaken.
  11. flea22
    Hey guys, Does anyone know of a good power tube that will work well with the mullard ecc35? Using the ecc35 with 5998's at the moment and somthing is a little off with the lcd 3s. Also are these the same 6080 mullards that people say sound good https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MULLARD...m3cdbe68316:g:6fYAAOSwnHZYfOVS&frcectupt=true. Also if anyone has a lead on some gec curved brown base 6as7g please let me know.

  12. Dan Lee
    Do you mind telling me what tubes your are running in this image?

    I am looking to get the adapters for 6080 to dual 6BL7 and if I'm not mistaken you can also use this for 6SN7 yes? The adapters I keep seeing say only for Elise, I'm assuming that these can still be used with the WA22 or is there some odd reason they would only work with the Elise?

    Last question. Has anyone tried to or know if you can run 4 6SN7's as your powers plus another 2 for your drivers?
  13. Joao Paulo Martins
    Well, it's 4 6BL7 on the power. ECC35 on the Driver and U52 on the rectifier.

    I bought on this link https://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Dual-Gold-plated-6BL7-TO-6AS7-tube-converter-adapter/191792226144

    I never tried with the 6SN7 , my "tube mentor" only recommended this one and he rolls a hell on the WA22.

    Better stay just on the 6BL7
  14. Dan Lee
    I love the way the Sophia and EML tube glow, but I have always been of the understanding, like you, that NOS is going to sound better. Now to find some NOS that sound awesome with a nice glow.

    Glad to hear that the MK2 isn't as bright as some have suggested. I've had that confirmed by more than a few people lately. They did say that mainly applies to planars and it might not be a fantastic idea to run a Utopia or pair of HD800's with it. Either way I will find out soon as I will have one on order in the next week. Have you used either of the two as a preamp for the other yet? I imagine they will pair nicely in either scenario.
  15. Dan Lee
    Thanks for the advice and the tube info. Any particular 6BL7's to look for? I know there was at least one person in this thread who was using this adapter to run 1 6BL7 and 1 6SN7 per side and he said it sounded nice, but I'm 100% new to the dual adapters and don't wanna damage anything.

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