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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. attmci
    Joao is here.

    He can show you some pictures of his: Digital: Raspberry w/ Volumio/DietPI > SOtM dx-usb-hd 2224/Singxer SU-1 > I2S-supported Dac
  2. Joao Paulo Martins
    I use the Singxer SU-1 interface.
    Here I dont use a pc to feed the digital signal, my pc is far from the headphone system, so the raspberry became a tiny pc just to recieve the digital signal and go to the pc. Got it ? It became a endpoint. Like a smart tv on spotify
  3. Joao Paulo Martins
    Later i post pics
  4. Joao Paulo Martins
    I think it has cheaper ones, like the raspberry pi has a mode to use his hdmi out as i2s i think. But the singxer worth the price , and the raspberry + singxer can be used on any dac
  5. Pharmaboy
    I'm hopeless...can't understand this (but thanks for trying to explain). I actually have an amazing smart TV (big/bad OLED), but had no idea it could play Spotify...? WTH?

    Seriously, I'm in the dark ages: cellphone is a flip model from a decade+ back w/no Internet or email; can't text; on and on. I know audio & video, but I don't get networking.
  6. attmci
    Seriously, my friend, you don't need these. Just enjoy the music.

    Those are just for convenience if your music set up is not close to your PC. The Bridge II is also a network to I2S card can only be used on a DSD or DSDJr.
  7. Joao Paulo Martins
    This is my raspberyPi with the DietPi operate system to run roon.
    Then the usb goes from the Raspberry pi to my usb interface

    And from the interface to my DirecStream DAC, see that is the coaxial cable.


    So the signal its via Wifi to the raspberry pi, goes to the interface and then the dac. No pc.

    The raspberry pi has a roon operate system to allow connect the devices via network. So I can stream to my dac/interface without connect directly to my pc

    See my roon printscreen
    Since my sotm interface is connected to my raspberry pi he rrecognized it and make a connection with my server.

    The point about using a raspberrypi is this, no need a pc on the system, it saves you money, space ( in my case, beacuse i run my rooncore on my desktop pc, that is far from the headphone system)

    attmci likes this.
  8. Joao Paulo Martins
    attmci That's it !!!!!!! Dont know how to explain better than you do
  9. moemoney
    I have the perfect wave DirectStream DAC with Bridge 2 card, along with the Signature MicoRenbu SE, and to my ears the Rendu our Performs the bridge in all areas, clearly surpassing the bridge 2
  10. Slerpy
    Hey, guys.
    Have been a fan of this thread for a while and have read every post.
    Still trying to determine if the low 60hz hum via hp's is an expected outcome of the WA22 (1st gen), stock tubes.
    Granted, the hum is very subtle.
    Noise floor is affected, regardless.
    I'm coming from a dead silent WA7 fed by a dead silent Benchmark DAC3, which I adore.
    Think I actually prefer the resolution and sparkle in the higher frequencies via WA7 (JAN's in PSU).
    Any suggestion is appreciated.
  11. leftside
    More powerful headphone amps can generate a little more noise sometimes with the more sensitive headphones.

    What headphones do you have? I know my more sensitive Stellia are certainly more susceptible to noise than the less sensitive LCD-3 or LCD-4. Having said that, the Stellia has an absolutely dead silent black background with the WA22 with <most> tubes. I wasn't a fan of the stock tubes that came with the WA22. I'd see if you can borrow someone else's headphones, or try different tubes. A decent (don't need to go crazy...) power cable can also help and also an isolation device like this:
  12. Slerpy
    Thanks, Leftside.
    Utopia's and Aeon Flow Closed for HP.
    Audioquest NRGX 3 prong for power cord.
    I picked up the WA22 yesterday as a super clean floor model at local dealer.
    I've contacted the dealer, and he was more than eager to order a fresh set of tubes from Woo for me to try.
    Great to know that I should expect a silent background from this killer amp.
    Loving the dynamics and timbre so far.
    Any rec's on squeezing out cleaner, higher resolution?
    Not really a warm and fuzzy kinda guy.
  13. leftside
    As you've just got it, I'd give the WA22 and the tubes a little more time to settle down.

    The better tubes will squeeze out more resolution. Quite a few mentioned on this thread and here:

    I find the GEC tubes seem to extract the most from music sources, but they can be expensive. Enjoy the journey.
    Slerpy likes this.
  14. Slerpy
    Hey, BillinSF.
    I was hoping you would share that posting with me as I am a proud new father of a baby WA22 that I brought home yesterday.
  15. Slerpy
    That's generous of you.
    I know this is has the potential to be a long and winding road.
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