Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. Badas
    Agreed. It is odd. Especially the shape.
  2. donato
    Shape is odd, like the iFi stuff too (long and thinnish), but I love the aesthetic. Looks like a high quality lab equipment or something, which is also why maybe some don't like. Nice sensible german engineering I guess.
  3. bosiemoncrieff
    I wonder why the xlr preouts are on the front rather than the back.
  4. fixated
    That's a very interesting setup, I have the V281 and I'm considering a WA22 purchase towards the latter half of this year. Though I've always been on the fence about having multi gear having the same function, would you say having both amps to be practical or should I just keep my money and stick with the V281? tyia :)
  5. dstubked
    I ran the exact same setup previously and I agree with Badas, use the v281 as a preamp does cleans up the sound and it sounds more pleasant to my ears (with a HD800S).

    I sold the v281 in the end coz I did not want too many gears and I regretted my decision!

    I did had the best of both worlds running that setup. Both are great amps and they were in my inventory for about a year before I had that upgrading itch..
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  6. fixated
    Thanks for the feedback! Will have to give it some thought first as I'm getting a pair of Utopia's in a few weeks and will see how my budget fairs.
  7. Badas
    I’ve always raved about the V281. So I’m biased.
    I would just stick to the V281 if it was me. WA22 doesn’t add much more.
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  8. fixated
    Yeah, I have been seeing you around the V281 thread as well. You and me both love the V281 but I do also like the lushness I get from a good ol' tube amp.
  9. Joao Paulo Martins
    Hello, new owner of WA22, I recieved about a month , but just now having time to seach for. It's my firts tube amp but i'll be the firts to attempt tube rolling. Previously I have the Dark voice 336SE
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  10. abvolt
    Congrats on your new amp I think you'll enjoy tube rolling I sure do..
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  11. Jhors2
    Prepare yourself for a ride, the tube rolling in this thing can get quite intense.
  12. Joao Paulo Martins
    I have a friend that he has too, he spends ~2.5x the price of the Woo WA22, i'll get some, but not in this level rs
  13. abvolt
    Very true I started with only a few tubes, now I have many times the value in tubes over the cost of the amp maybe (3) times, just ask Badas he buys them by the case. It's just that addictive & fun..enjoy
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  14. denniswaugh
    Here's my current WA22 setup.
    Osram GZ37 fat bottle, Mullard ECC35 and GEC 6AS7G.
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  15. paulomario77
    Absolutely beautiful tubes and amp, Dennis! Congrats!
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