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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. leftside
    I use an adapter with the ECC31. Never tried it without an adapter.
  2. abvolt
    I've also always used an adapter with my 31's and thought it was necessary..
  3. paulomario77
    My tube collection for the WA22, which started two months ago, and the amplifier with my top tubes: U52, ECC31's and 5998's:


  4. abvolt
    looks really good..enjoy
  5. Badas
    Yeah. Impressive.
  6. ahmadfaizadnan
    Nice pic!
  7. abvolt
    I have a question please Woo's tube compatibility chart says one needs and adapter for a 6CS7 driver tube, which I'm assuming would be like a 6CS7 to 6SN7, I can't find any such adapter, has anyone here used that tube in their amp..Thanks

    Never mind guys I found an adapter I'll post some pics when I get them along with my mullards for them..
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  8. EndGameSearch
    I'm in the need of a push. I have, and love the WA8 which I bought as a transportable solution but it's been playing the part of a desktop amp the last two months connected to a Hugo 2. I've started to pull the trigger on the WA22 which I know provides a world of possibilities with various tubes above and beyond what the WA8 will ever do, but still hesitate since I have NO complaints about the sound I'm currently getting out of my rig. I just know it can get better or there would be no point of any amp beyond what I already have. I've been PM'ing with another WA22 owner who has been very helpful but I'm looking for additional feedback from anyone that owns both (or has spent considerable time with the 8). I will likely order the WA22 this week and start with the stock tubes but I'm really looking for a new experience, not just a marginal improvement over the WA8. Thanks in advance.

    For reference, I primarily listen to acoustic music, lots of classical and have HD800S, LCDi4's and various IEM's. I'm looking at the LCD3 or 4 and Utopia. I think I'm pretty much at end game with my current transportable set up so I'm trying to mix it up and head in a different direction with a little variety in the sound I normally aim for.
  9. davehg
    End game, I currently own the LCD3, the WA22, and WA5, and before that, I had the WA6SE. I don't have seat time with the 8. Based on your head gear, I would seek out a WA5 and skip the 22. Your cans will benefit from the 5 far more than the 22, and without the hassle of trying to Tube Roll. You can grab a used 5 for near $3k. It is magic with the LCD3 and really with every other can.
  10. EndGameSearch
    Thanks for the input but you're taking my spend in the wrong direction... :) Another thread participant reached out via PM and gave me the push I needed. I should have the WA22 later this week. If this works out I can always get the WA5 down the road.
  11. abvolt
    I think you made a good decision the wa22 has a wonderful sound to it, you can always get better but at a much higher cost 300b tubes are not cheap, I wanted the wa5 before I started pricing tubes for it..enjoy your new amp
    MIKELAP likes this.
  12. leftside
    Go with some decent power tubes (4 * 6BL7/6BX7 or 5998's) and higher gain driver tubes (ECC33/35) and you'll be good to go with the LCD3's and the WA22.
  13. m8o
    P.s. EndGameSearch'er ... i know this is not in the cards, but to keep you thinking ... I listened to the WA-33 at the NYC Head-if meet, and it was pure magic; the dynamics were out if this world. Talk about a major leap... and 'end game'.
  14. EndGameSearch
    Stop it already! You guys are making me feel like I need to upgrade an amp I haven't even received yet! :) For the record, the nature of this hobby combined with my personality is not a good thing. The "EndGameSearch" name was chosen in jest. There is no "end game". Only periods of contentment (which should last longer than they do) followed by countless hours of research and "logic" based justification.
  15. m8o
    Call us "The Pusher men". Haha (great song btw to all readers. Search it out, by Stepenwolf, if anyone does not know it)
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