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Woo Audio WA-8

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by nhubley, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. Nhubley
    Woo Audio just posted this to their Instagram page what do you guys think?

    Here is the link:
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  2. Laslen

    Very excited.

    I'm kind of hoping it includes a DAC, but I won't really mind if it doesn't.. especially if it's more affordable than the WA7 series.

    I asked WooAudio if this will work well with the LCD series. They said it works great with the LCD-3.

    Also, this thread might be better placed in the Headphone Amps (Portable) forum. Although, I'm not sure if it really matters. :)
  3. Nhubley
    Ya I just got a response from woo audio stating it was portable amp.
  4. Laslen
    More pictures
  5. Nhubley

    Is it 3d printed?
  6. noisyscott
    I thought th
    Looks like it to me.  It also has a bit of the Analog Squared vibe going on.
  7. Laslen
    From WooAudio Facebook: "its the white 3D printed travel size tube amplifier."

    So yes, their prototype is 3d printed.

    It's Amp/DAC. Similar design as Analog Squared Paper amps... hopefully more affordable and easier to find.
  8. Nhubley
    God can't wait to hear it! 
  9. Stereolab42
    It's got a DAC? I'm gonna be the first to place an order for this.
  10. Nhubley
    I think so. 
  11. Laslen
    According to WooAudio's Facebook account, it does have a DAC.
  12. HiFiGuy528
    Yes, 32bit 192kHz DAC.  Works with Android and iOS with appropriate adaptor.  Drives HD800, T1 and LCD3 with ease and sounds amazing for an early prototype.
  13. Stereolab42
    Any chance it will ship before Christmas?
  14. chazman1117
    Doubtful- I was speaking with them at length and they were shooting for mid 2015. They said it's very early in the design process at this point.
    BTW worked perfectly with my One Plus One Android Phone running Poweramp - 192 KHZ 24 Bit FLAC files. I listened thru Sennheiser HD-800.....luscious, captivating sound......can't wait for more!
  15. Stereolab42
    Hmm, that's probably for the better if the price will be closer to $2k like I hear. Gotta save up.
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