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I've found that RCA power tubes tend to be very noisy in the Woo amps (at least in my amp), so it's no surprise that yours has a little hum.  I'd say that if the hum doesn't go away in 30 hours of run time, you'll have to roll the tubes.  Also, I don't buy into the whole power cord conspiracy 
 so I recommend the $2.00 14 gauge Monoprice cable.  Works great for me.  
One thing to consider, is some power conditioners can do weird things to the the power entering your amp.  Try your amp straight out of the wall to see if the hum goes away.  If not, then it's definitely just the tubes.
I'm 5 minutes into listening to my new WA2, and so far it's  
.  I'm using the stock tubes for now but it's still pretty darn good, although there is a slight hum while the music is paused.  I'm looking forward to letting it break in over the weekend with the stock tubes.  I'm planning on picking up some new IC's and power cables, so I want to wait until everything is stable before I start rolling tubes.

Here's a crappy picture taken with my Blackberry.  I love how it matches my PS Audio DL III DAC and UPC-200 power conditioner.

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Oh I'm not planning on spending a ton on power cables, I just want something solid.  A $49 cord from Signal Cable is about as baller as I'll get.  Frank makes excellent cables that are very well built for fair prices.  That's good to hear about the RCA tubes too.  The hum does get slightly louder as I increase the volume, so I'm guessing it's the tubes.  No big deal, it's barely audible anyways.
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Has anyone ever heard a WA4? I wish I had order one before it disappeared off of Jack's website. It has a very strong look. I wonder if it sounded as bold.
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Very sweet WA2 you got there Thaddy. The camera picture makes it seem as if those small driver tubes in the middle were Mullards with Sovtek tops

I was probably going to jump on the WA2 that fatcat28037 had on the F/S section a couple days ago since I rarely get to see them go up for sale through my very own eyes, since someone usually snags them within a couple hours -_-  But I really wanted it in the color black, so... DAMNIT.. another oppurtunity gone : ( 
post some impressions with how well they do with the HD650's !!
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Yeah, these stock 6080's aren't nearly as big as the Tung Sol 5998's I have sitting here!  I'll try to get some nicer pictures up this weekend.  I'm without a camera until Saturday. 
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Are you drinking anything illegal?

No, not yet. I take it that you wouldn't recommend the WA4. I figured that if Jack built it it was good... but then again, it's nowhere to be found.

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Now I am hoping for

It's too bad that we all couldn't live in an amp co-op and just exchange everything every once in a while, or every so often, or every now and then... now wouldn't that be nice. Yes, I do think that the WA5LE has proven itself beyond the shadow of a doubt many times over.
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You may want to check out a "Iron Lung Jellyfish" power cord if you don't want to spend over $50.00
What I have found to be true is that if you are interested in power cord upgrades, the most bang out of a power cord upgrade will come from your source player not your amp. Power cords can change the speed and tone of your audio but like tube rolling you have to get the right power cord for your source player. That's not to say that a nice power cord like the Jellyfish to be used with your amp can not help because it very well may help.
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I'm in heaven again. Okay. Glenn's adapters have given me a chance to experience these VT-99 Raytheons. I need more burn-in time to realize its full potential. They're not round plates but they're JAN 1944. A bit of war history here folks. Absolutely time-machine inducing nostalgia. And the RK-60 to 5U4 adapter is wicked looking as well as the tube it's capping--double capping. WICKED! Yes! Thanks Glenn. You're The Genius Maximus.

Seamaster, I would really like hear what you think of the RK-60.

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I got to thinking the other day what it would sound like (and what it would cost) to have Jack do a custom WA22 that uses Emission Labs 20A and 20B tubes for signal and output in place of the 6SN7 and 6080.  These tubes look awesome and somebody must be using them in a design somewhere.

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