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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
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  1. Clive101
    The rectifier is a USAF 569 with a Woo adaptor, hand picked by Jack at Woo, had a demo at London CamJam at the weekend and could not resist joining the Woo Club.

    Any one else in the UK with a Woo WA33...?

    Edit USAF 596
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
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  2. JLoud
    I ran the 596 in my WA6se. Very fast sounding rectifier. At least that was my impression.
  3. JLoud
    Assuming you meant 596. Haven’t seen a 569 but my knowledge of tubes is not that extensive.
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  4. Clive101
    It seems my knowledge is even less...:) ..it is. I had to look up the number and then the typo....between you and me, my knowledge is zero, all I know they get very hot....
    But glad I have tiptoed into the tube world
  5. JLoud
    Clive101 have you had a chance to compare your WA33 to the WA5? I really like my 5 but that 33 is drop dead sexy. Haven’t had a chance to hear one yet.
  6. Clive101
    No, but I did compare with the Aries Cerat Genus.
    Later next week I will be able to do a Dave-Msacler comparison. It was not too long ago when I had the demo of the Genus so not a direct A B but it may be of interest.
    I must admit looking at this Amp with the USAF 596 does look the part....and at night the glow from those tubes...!
  7. isquirrel
    Is that a WA33 Elite?
  8. Clive101
    Sadly no, but perhaps next year...
  9. ahossam
    I'm planning to get EML 300B tube for WA5 LE, but can't decide which one to get the 300B, 300B Mesh or 300B XLS.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. JLoud
    I believe the XLS is for high output. Not really needed on the WA5 LE. I went with the 300B, not mesh. It was described as having a more focused soundstage. The mesh supposedly has a bigger soundstage. At least that was how the distributor described it. Very happy with to regular 300B.
  11. Gibson59
    Posted in the WA22 thread but thought I might get more eyes here... is it common to have slight audible hum from a 2nd gen WA22? I’m using my HEKse and running single ended from my Chord Qutest. I’ve ruled out grounding issues and tried very tube combination I’ve got (which is a lot). Different tubes don’t seem to make a difference.

    Just got it back from Woo warranty repair and I’m still getting some hum. Otherwise they’ve been great to work with. Thought I’d ask around here before going back to them again.
  12. JLoud
    How is your incoming power? I live in an older neighborhood and had some issues with hum on my WA5le. Incoming power wasn’t very clean. Also appliances in the home were causing an issue. Added a PS audio Dectet and that helped. But in high gain I still have slight hum on efficient headphones. Nothing on my LCD4 or Abyss. But my HD800S and Sony Z1R has a small amount. Only noticeable when music isn’t playing.
  13. Cho Worsh
    I had a problem with 60Hz hum. Is that what you have? Some people describe hiss as hum but hiss of course is entirely different. I thought that I fully had explored grounding issues as well but then I heard about the Hum X product (see further info below). It removed the hum, but it altered the sound in a way I couldn't live with.

    So, I bought a pre-owned SAA power cord for around $200 and like magic there was beautiful sound with no more hum: https://www.stefanaudioart.com/shop/endorphin-alchem-high-end-ribbon-power-cable/
    HUM X:
    Ebtech Hum X Voltage Hum Filter
    Filters noise and excess current on ground line that can cause hum and buzz in audio or video. Use only on equipment with current draw less than 6 amps (720 watts)
    $79.00 30 day returns.

    Yes, I know that removing the ground and using a 2 pronged power cord is risky and will probably void my fire insurance.
  14. nishan99
    What's the power output specs of the WA2?
    can't find it on their page.
  15. HiFiGuy528
    WA2 is OTL design, best paired with high impedance headphones above 150 Ohms. WA22 is a more modern design suitable for today’s headphones.
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