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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Dubstep Girl
    I recommend 5998, 596, and sylvania 6sn7w metal bases (or bgrp but i feel that the wa22 benefits most from the sylvanias)
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  2. audioadvocate
    I have the WA22 (2nd edition) with TS5998 (matched pair by Wu) and Sophia 274B. I use a pair of matched NOS Sylvania 6NS7s (1953-4 vintage) I got from the NY Tube Museum when I go on listening binges of classical music, especially complex orchestral high-quality recordings...always FLAC processed through my Kitsune Tuned SU-1D-D "Converter"/Spring III DAC with either Sennheiser HD800s (Cardas Clear cables) or Ananda Magnetic Planar headphones (Norne cabling) in balanced configuration.

    When I want to listen to rock or jazz or are looking for a really full bassy sound, on good FLAC recordings, I replace the Sylvania driver tubes with Chinese Treasures. I wish there was a switch that allowed me to go from the Sylvania's to the Chinese Treasures and back, without repeatedly rolling these tubes out of their sockets.

    On the 5998s...I looked long and hard until I gave up and bought them from Woo. These are well matched and NOS....just beautiful and beautiful-sounding. I tried to go with other available "allegedly matched" pairs from two other well-known sources for less $...big mistake. One set was old and used (low-volume), the other set came with corroded (frankly rusted) pins and I returned both sets. I remember the Woo-supplied matched 5998s were $440/pair. Seems they are getting quite rare....the went up by $60 in just a few months.
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  3. attmci
    You could be right.

    I like 5998, and collected a number of pairs. I love the clear-top 5998, they are better than the "normal" ones for me. I do use these as well as other top power tubes. Due to the price of the tubes in my collection, now I am using the clear top 90% of the time.
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  4. koven Contributor
    Having quite a dilemma whether to (over)pay for 5998 from Woo... :p There seem to be some fine ones off eBay but you never know...
  5. tejanolibre

    Unfortunately the Tube Sellers are hoarding the most desirable and the most difficult to obtain Legendary tubes and they occasionally release a few tubes to create a False Shortage to raise the prices and interests in the tubes.

    In the past few months certain tubes have disappeared even from or specially from E-Garbage sales and auctions. Tung Sol 5998s have disappeared specially N.O.S tubes.

    The "Mighty" 596 USAF rectifiers that were $70.00 ( 6 ) months ago are GONE ! But Woo has all you want for $370.00. I was told that Woo bought 100s of 596s and 5998s.
    Expect a 5 times price increase very shortly on certain tubes !

    Basic marketing strategy and scarcity combined.

    The most alarming ad that I recently saw was a pair of Western Electric N.O.S 300B N.I.B inscribed or etched bases circa 1932 for $11,000.00 Dollars !

    GET REAL !

    Happy Listening,



    Probably a Remorseful Purchase !
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  6. audioadvocate
    There needs to be a balance struck between letting the market govern pricing and discouraging opportunistic greed. What we are seeing these days is a good deal of greed. The Tung Sol 5998 are great tubes, but are they really worth $500/matched pair? I don't think so. The TungSol 7236 is also a wonderful power tube. My experience with the 5998 is that the soundstage is actually a bit too wide, somewhat out of proportion to reality. I find the 7236 tube to be a bit more holographic than the 5998. I don't have problems perceiving virtual instrument location with the 7236 tubes....you could literally drop a pin on where you hear the instruments. The 5998, at least on classical program material, makes everything VERY BIG and is a bit lush and warm...and I'm not referring to loudness or volume. As I said earlier, the 5998 are beautiful and are beautiful-sounding. When I listen to a recording like Capriccio Espagnole by the Montreal Symphony under the baton of Charles Dutoit, the crescendos raise the hairs on the back of my neck. But if the obscene pricing of the 5998 continues, the 7236 really is a great substitute. I think the 7236 is a bit more analytical...and I have absolutely no problem with that.

    One of these days, the market will run out of great tubes of the Joint Army-Navy variety (tubes used in electronic equipment on the battlefield of Europe, Korea, and even Vietnam) or tubes from Tung Sol when Tung Sol was REALLY Tung Sol. And when we do, you can bet that you'll see entrepreneurs pop up around the world to produce great substitutes. It happened before, probably a few times, that new tubecrafters from Eastern Europe and Russia came out with reasonable replacements for rare American or German vacuum tubes. I remember Hungarian and Bulgarian substitutes that in some case were said to rival some NOS American tubes. I believe SOVTEK was one such company. I am routinely amazed at how the rest of the world, and now, primarily the Orient, has produced audio electronics and digital signal processing technology to rival the best American made stuff. Unfortunately, I suspect that much of that technology may have been stolen from the USA, but not all of it was.
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  7. abvolt
    You are right on the money @tejanolibre with that statement..
  8. Thaddy Contributor
    I have a matched pair of Chatham 6AS7G's with clear tops that I bought for $40 years ago. Ever since one of my Tung Sol 5998's died these have been my go to tube. They sound VERY similar, to the point I can't really tell the difference any more. I've been trying to find more matching pairs to stock up. I also have various 6AS7G's from the early 1950's that all sound good. The Tung Sol 6080 and 7236 are also great tubes. I recently got a pair of matched Tung Sol 6080's on eBay for $55. The 6080/7236 tubes also seem to exhibit much less noise than the 6AS7G's.

    As much as I like their products, it's terrible that Woo Audio is now charging $500 for a matched pair of 5998's. There are other cheaper alternatives out there that sound just as good.
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  9. attmci

    I am pretty sure you are talking about these tubes.

    However, the clear-top 5998 is in a different league. They are competing with the 421A......
  10. tejanolibre
    Thank You Kindly !

    I sincerely appreciate your vast knowledge and expertise !

    Happy Listening to All !


    Stranded in Audiophile HELL !

    Buenos Aires ,

  11. lumohomo06
    Is your WA22 dead quite? I noticed some noise when I plug in my cans, the noise is the same even when I adjust the volume.
  12. audioadvocate
    I get a tiny amount of "smooth" low-level static when adjusting the volume with no music playing, but never when I leave the volume knob alone. It varies depending upon which tubes are being used. And if their is any while music is playing, it's so far down below the threshold of hearing that it's not noticable. It's less obvious when the tubes heat up.
  13. phthora
    I've been looking through this thread for a while, but I can't seem to find anyone mentioning how the LCD-X pairs with the WA2. There are people taking about pairing that HP with the WA22 and the WA6SE, but I can't tell how similar those amps would be to the WA2.

    So, United Woo Ampers, how does the WA2 do with low-impedance planars like the LCD-X?

    Also, is the WA6SE really brightish in sound? A couple of reviews mentioned that it was.

  14. JLoud
    I have a WA6SE with EML rectifier and some nice NOS driver/power tubes and I would not say it is a bright amp. Very smooth with good detail and nice soundstage. Nowhere as bright or edgy as say my Schiit Jot. And it plays nice with my Audeze LCD MX4's. And they are low impedance like the X's.
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  15. abvolt
    @phthora Well I can tell you that the wa22 plays very good with my XC's in fact it's my favorite hp right now, I say you'll be just fine with that pairing..
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