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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Dubstep Girl

    I used regular EML300B so probably solid plates, they’re great! id wait for we300b reissue or drop 3k + on ebay for them now, theres a seller on us audiomart asking 2k for a pair, theyll be less on reissue but they will be needed to wait and preorder

    the wa5 isnt best for high efficiency headphones mostly portables or iems, should work well with full size 25-32 ohm headphones tho. i always use high impedence output or xlr/k1k as it sounds fuller and better on all wa5 i heard, my original as well as the new version. the impedance changes of the other probably are less refined and use more parts, thus a less clean path, the amp is made for the high impedance mainly, the low impedance is a convenience and on the newer woo, extra circuitry that helps justify the new higher price (old wa5 was $3500 and $2500 for wa5le, new is $3700 and $5700) I like my old one more soundwise as well, lush and beautiful, new one is more dynamic but loses that warmth a bit, it like tries a lil too hard to be better, still a good amp though
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  2. JLoud
    I am running the EML solid plate 300's. With Utopia's and zero hum on low power, low impedance. On high impedance I can hear slight hum. Or high power will also cause this. In fact on high impedance I get the hum even with my LCD4's. Also I give it a good 20 minutes warmup. Very little hum with Utopia, almost impossible to hear. After 10 or 20 minutes it is completely gone.
  3. Thaddy Contributor
    These aren't the hands down best tubes for the WA2 (although they're far from the worst), but I came across some matched Raytheon 6AS7G and 6SN7GTB tubes on eBay from the same year (1955!) and just had to pick them up. The 6AS7G's sound really great. Very airy with a large sound stage and a great match for the HD650's. I mainly paired them with some Amperex 6DJ8's. The 6SN7's and adapters from Jack just came today and I haven't had much time to compare against the 6DJ8's, but initially these sound like a very "tubey" tube. Rich and punchy midrange, a great match for the HD600's and T1's. The 6SN7's do have a slight hum though, although it dissipates as the tubes heat up.


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  4. abvolt
    @Thaddy your amp looks great I've always enjoy the 6as7's think I've owned most except the GEC's or any Russian tubes..
  5. koven Contributor
    I'm looking for some driver and power tube upgrade recommendations for WA22.. I'm thinking Sophia 274B for Rectifier and maybe TS 7236 or 5998 for power.. but not sure about driver tubes.

    Any WA22 tube rollers have advice for me? :)
  6. mahesvara
    The TungSol 5998 Power tubes are amazing if you're willing to spend that much. The soundstage is expanded quite a lot with those. I used to drive my WA22 with 5998 power tubes, RCA 5692, and Takatsuki 274B. It's the 5998 that had the most dramatic improvement. The Takatsuki adds body, 3D-ness, and clarity but definitely not as warm and fuzzy as Sophia Princess 274B.
  7. koven Contributor
    I noticed the Taka on Woo site but not sure if I could stomach that price.. may just have to settle w/ the Sophia there but I'm definitely eyeing the TS 5998. Where's a good place to buy those? Woo has them for $500/pair but I feel I can find them for cheaper than that... maybe?
  8. mahesvara
    I bought the 5998 from Jack Wu when I saw him at RMAF last year so can't help you there :D I think the 5998 has become a bit more rare.
  9. koven Contributor
    Ah I see.. yeah I'm not sure how trustworthy it is to buy these from eBay sellers, perhaps direct from Woo may be the safest route.
  10. muletrane
    2530F88B-6AD7-47AB-9883-1672FEA38A33.jpeg 6A6DEC5E-0B3A-4591-A639-E51F1E6A11A7.jpeg A619A4F6-7492-42D6-AB8D-2D9650EB5600.jpeg 3B9274DC-50AB-4D69-AA77-429A05163633.jpeg Proud new owner of a 1st gen WA6! This this blowing me away. Huge upgrade from my Little Dot 1+. Sounds amazing with my PS500e and my RS2e.
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  11. filip sebastian
  12. attmci
    If money is not a problem, sure.

    Most of the 5998s I got from eBay or other websites are good. But YMMV.
  13. Thaddy Contributor
    I actually have a pair of Tung Sol 5998's that I bought a long time ago before they got popular. One of the tubes might be dead, and if so, I'll have a spare that I'll consider selling. Not sure I feel like shelling out ~$150 for another when I have plenty of other great sounding power tubes.

    IMO, the Tung Sol 5998's are not worth the current asking price. $500 from Jack for a match pair is highway robbery.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
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  14. muletrane
    The Grateful Dead + WA6 = Match made in heaven.

    The Dead never sounded so good.
  15. koven Contributor
    Hmm interesting.. how do these look? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-pcs-real...NOS-NIB-6AS7Goids-mil-stock-mint/253835970490
    Doesn't seem like they're 'matched' but not sure if that's a big deal anyway.

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