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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. djd1122
    @isquirrel Do you miss the Tung Sol 6SN7 round plate or do the 13EM7 tubes you've tried perform as good as the TSRP?
  2. HiFiGuy528
    Shoutout to everyone who came out to see us. Look forward to our next one!

  3. isquirrel
    The 6SN7 TSRP have a beautiful midrange and IMO are the very best of the 6SN7's tubes. That are a Twin diode versus the 13EM7 which a double triode. The 13EM7 drives the 300B better IMO, the bass is deeper and the clarity is better. They are also MUCH cheaper and in plentiful supply.
  4. joseph69
    Superbly done, Woo Audio!
    Thank you very much.

  5. abvolt
    Wow that's gorgeous dude..enjoy
  6. joseph69
    Thank you very much. :beerchug:
  7. HiFiGuy528
    beautiful... :beerchug:
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  8. billerb1
  9. Dubstep Girl
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  10. Dubstep Girl
    just upgraded my wa5 setup (wa5 with 596,bgrp vt99>> mytek brooklyn dac+, omega rs8 speakers and sub as well as he-6) with western electric 300b, life is complete.

    they really succeeded in making the ultimate tube,with the most accurate sound reproduction....

    my previous 300b in my wa5 setup, the emission labs 300b synergized really well and had a nice full lush yet 3d and transparent sound, lots of body and 3d depth, I honestly didn’t think my amp could take a jump or two higher in quality as it was mostly all there and I wasn’t missing anything, very good synergy.

    These 300b though, WOW! its a massive jump. though at first I was actually kinda surprised, it sounded way leaner, but then as the tubes warmed up and I took it all in, I realized it was just that the previous tubes were quite colored, and I had thought that that was just a characteristic of the 300b sound, but I was misled, these have that typical WE sound (or lack of thereof, its like only the sound is left, thats how accurate and transparent they are ( I previously owned WE422A and these have that same sound, I need a pair of these again now....)

    the sound is so raw and fleshed out, palpable, surreal, beautiful clean tonality and organic realism, it extracts so much from the music, and just gives it to you, its addicting, I could listen to these forever. The sound is as real as it gets, theres no extra colorations needed, or fake fullness, its just the window to the music...transparent not neutral or lush or full, the tubes just disappear and you get pure sound, so its quite an experience as everything else is way colored, the beauty is in the purity, soo liquid, like real timbre and interconnected sound waves, its just pure sound! the bass, the highs, its not mid centric or lean or weak like some claim, its the most realistic timbre ever, like the bass is thunderous, fast, and real, like real thunder, waves, rocks crashing bells ringing drums beating, it happens again as you play it and keeps flowing as if you heard it happen for real...its like the creator merged with the universe and western electric and the inventor, and made these for me and you, all of us, to enjoy music, as music, for all eternity...western electric... for life......
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
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  11. billerb1
    Agreed. I go exclusively with GEC 6AS7G’s in my WA2. But the 6080’s are a great little brother if the 6AS7G’s are out of your budget.
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  12. JLoud
    I’m running the EML 300b in my wa5 le. Where did you find the western electric tubes? And I’m afraid to ask but how much?
  13. Krutsch
    Couldn't agree more.
  14. Dubstep Girl
    was looking at ebay and us audio mart, ended up buying a pair on ebay that was used in another amp before, saved a few hundred $ from 2k asking, maybe they were cheaper for that and as new reissues are coming out soon, but I may have gotten lucky as everyone is still asking 3-4k for a pair, more than or as much as many amps, my wa5 now has tubes that cost as much as the amp, measured by full retail now it costs more than the wa33.

    the EML300B are fantastic though, and provide 85% of the sound of the WEs, at less than a quarter of the price, I’m convinced that they are the best modern production 300B, and for those looking for a full bodied lush musical 3d sound, you really can’t go wrong with them.

    ps. if anyones looking for a pair of EML300B , mine are now for sale :)
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
  15. Justin_Time
    I hope to benefit from your experience with the WA5.

    1. What EML 300B did you use? The Mesh Plate or Solid Plate? I was told that the Mesh Plate EML 300B tubes are made to operate best at low voltage (~24 volts not 32 volts?) and may not last as long at the high plate voltage as the solid plate tubes.

    2. Where can I buy WE 300B tubes?

    3. Since I got the efficient (low impedance) Focal Utopia and used the low WA5 HP output, I got a persistent and slight hum from one channel that
    - does not go away with noise suppressing device or cheater plug,
    - does not get louder with volume change,
    - is persistent with all the tubes I tried (EML 300B Mesh Plate; Sophis Electric 300B Princess & Royal Princess; Sophia Electric 274B; EML 5U4G; any 6SN7 and variants) and
    - is audible even when there is no line (RCA) input. ​

    There is no hum with the high output. I checked with a friend's WA5-LE: same problem!

    I am at my wit's end as to the cause and if anything can be done.

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