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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. nathanoakes
    I'm using the HD800, so quite high impedance. I've messaged the seller of the tubes. Shame they weren't perfect on the first try. Where did you get yours from?
  2. abvolt
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  3. JLoud
    I got the tubes direct from Woo. Expensive, but you are assured of top notch quality.
  4. KC-130
    When your SE is not being dead silent are you hearing a hiss... or is it more of a hum ?
    I own the WA7's but I'm considering an upgrade that will be tolerable for my tinnitus, which I've had most of my life.
  5. JLoud
    When I say not dead silent it is very low I guess hiss. But you can only hear it with the volume turned up and no music playing. And only with low impedance phones. With my LCD-3 I can never hear it. With my Utopia very slightly.
  6. joseph69
    This is my main concern about my incoming WA33.
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  7. jerick70
    There usually is some hissing from pure tube amps. I owned the WA5 at one time and did have hissing with all of my headphones. I could usually adjust the POWER, IMPEDENCE, and LEVEL knobs and get it to a point that it was no longer there. Some tubes will always have hissing though. I had a Tung-sol 6F8G tube that always hissed no matter what I did.
  8. joseph69
    I know, I've had/have this experience with my WA6 depending on the tubes, I'm using, and it is quite annoying. Annoying to the point that I don't even use those tubes anymore, which was a total waste of money for me. Like you mentioned about your WA5, at leastI'll be all to adjust the power/impedance/level with the WA33.
  9. jerick70
    I have to say that the hissing wasn't that bad though. The WA5 was VERY usable and tweakable so it didn't hiss. I think the WA5 was the best tube headphone amp that I've owned.

    Now the Apex Pinnacle2 is the best headphone amp I've heard. The preamp is incredible too.
  10. joseph69
    I'm keeping my fingers are crossed. Never thought about the Apex Pinnacle, but I do see it's now the 2 or Ultra.
  11. jerick70
    I was included in the tour that Todd offered for the Pinnacle2. It is an awesome amp. I really miss it. I didn't listen to the Ultra version though.

    Well I'm a bit off topic here. Let's bring the conversation back around to the WA33. I've heard it is an incredible amp too. I've not had the chance to listen to it though.
  12. joseph69
    Everyone who has heard it or owns it seems to have the same (incredible) opinion about the WA33.
    I'll be giving y impressions as best I can along with photos after receiving it.
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  13. mahesvara
    @joseph69, my WA33 does not hiss at all. The only non-stock tube I have on it is the Takatsuki 274B.
  14. Contrails
    My Wa22 doesnt hiss either.
  15. joseph69
    Good to know. My main concern is spending the money on 'upgraded power/driver tubes' and having the issue.

    Yeah, it depends on which tubes I'm using...sometimes I have the issue, sometimes I don't.

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