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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. joseph69
    This is exactly what I'm afraid of. :)
  2. koven Contributor
    Look forward to hearing impressions. What source/headphones will you be using?
  3. joseph69
    Mainly for the Utopia, but check out my profile which has my other headphones listed.
  4. abvolt
    Wow lucky you dude congrats, be sure to post some pics, everything I've read about that amp is "it's simply amazing sounding"..enjoy
  5. Majestiic
    Congrats. I just received my WA33 about a month ago after hearing it at socal canjam. I just had to have one after hearing it and I was coming from the WA22. I mainly use my Utopias and LCD3 with it and sometimes my LCD4. Ive never heard the WA6 but I'm pretty sure you did not go wrong in your decision. Enjoy!
  6. Contrails
    How would you compare the sound between the two? And what headphones are you using it with? Thanks.
  7. joseph69
    Thank you both very much!
    I'll definitely be posting photos as well as my impressions.
    Thanks for your positive post on my blind purchase. I've read pretty much the same reaction from everyone who has demoed the WA33 at the CanJam events.
    Contrails likes this.
  8. filip sebastian
  9. Contrails
    Millard GZ32 is good but that price is a RIP off.
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
  10. nathanoakes
    I had the same reaction! I did have a handful of tubes when I bought the amp, among them were a ShuGang 274B, a couple of General Electric (I think) 274Bs, and a Brimar 5Z4G or something like that. I settled on the Brimar being my favourite, and then the Sophia blew me away. I have the Sennheiser HD800, which I applied the SDR mod to, which lowers the soundstage a little bit. The Sophia opened it back up, and made me remove the mod. Apparently there's an EML 274B which is supposed to be even better, but way more expensive. I'll stick with the Sophia for now :)
    audioadvocate likes this.
  11. nathanoakes
    As a side note, does anyone have any experience with the Sylvania 6DN7 on a WA6SE? I just got mine and some tube adapters (Admittedly some cheaper ones from Ebay instead of the Woo ones) and there's a prominent hum to them for some reason. This didn't happen with any of my other power/driver tubes and the 6SE was a completely silent amp.

    Here is the link to the adapters I bought, for reference. The hum is in both channels so I doubt it's a faulty tube. Any ideas?
  12. joseph69
    Probably the tubes, unfortunately.
  13. Badas
    Yeah! I agree with the comment above. An adapter either works or it doesn't. Price is irrelevant.
    Some tubes just don't play nice. No reason for it as well. You can get tubes of the same variant and some will play nice while others won't.
  14. nathanoakes
    Yeah, I thought the same about the adapters. It's pretty much a pin to pin conversion, so shouldn't interfere too much. Ahh that's annoying. I guess I'll keep looking :frowning2:
  15. JLoud
    I am running a pair of Sylvania 6DN7's in my WA6SE right now. Very quite. Can't say dead silent, but close. Of course with higher impedence phones they are silent.

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