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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Flisker
    So ...


    I received the tubes today and I have to agree with you, these are the best tubes I've ever head. It's just, holy ****, I can't believe it for the price I payed for these.

    Thank you for the tip !
  2. thecrow
    fantastic - great to hear (thanks for getting back to me/us)

    and with the siemens cca you have listed the sound doesn't get more energetic, vibrant. punchy etc than that combo

    mind you with my hd800 that combo can get a little too bright but with your hd650/hd880s that should be less of an issue

    edit: ps "dubstep girl" here was the one that put me on to these when i first bought my amp and had no idea about the tube options out there
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  3. Flisker
    No problem, I'm happy to share my experience :wink:

    Yea, I see how it might be bit on the bright side with HD800, but it's perfectly fine with 650/800S. I really can't handle too bright sound, since I like to do test-listening at high volumes so I can hear the differences more clearly and it's no-go with bright setups. I just feel like the good audio setup should sound good even on high volume and by good I mean it's not painful. I want to be in the situation where I'm thinking "wow... I should back up with the volume ... because the bass is killing me, not the treble or female vocals".

    Another thing I found interesting is that the rectifier tubes are quite important. I have only one pair that I find acceptable, all others create somewhat bright, unpleasant sound. So I'm looking for some backup rectifiers and have no idea what to pick. Got Tesla EZ81's - it's not ok to my ears, Brimar EZ80 - same thing ... too bright female vocals and only pair that is fine is Trigon EZ80 which is probably the old stock tube for WA2 (can't find these anywhere :frowning2: )
  4. musicman59
    if you have the money I would go with the WA5 or WA5-LE.
    When I was getting into a tube amplifier I was thinking on the WA22 because my system is fully balanced. I had the opportunity to listen to the WA22 and the WA5-LE at the same show and even the WA5-LE is single ended to me it was much better than the WA22 in all regards to the point I placed my order for a WA5-LE not long after that.
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  5. JLoud
    The V2 of the WA5le has XLR inputs and an XLR headphone jack. It is a single ended amp, the balanced options are just convenience. But I do think my WA5le sounds better with XLR input from my Yggy. This may have more to do with the Yggy then the amp. But the option is still there. I currently have both WA6 and 5. Going back and forth the 5 is much nicer. Very similiar sound signature, just better in every way.
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  6. thecrow
    Keep me posted with any rectifier info you may discover. They are the only tubes i have not mucked around with. I bought a pair of rft ez80 (i think that’s what they are called). Some people say it doesn’t change much cn on the amp. Others disagree.

    Re tubes and volumes, one thing that impressed me about the pinched waist 6922/e88cc tubes (particularly the holland but also the usa) is the amount of great tone and layers they exhibit even at low volume. For me those are not “must haves” like the gec6as7g but more like “really wanna haves”. Again not cheap - up to $600 a pair, sometimes $300/400 if parient but for me worth the upgrade when i had an itch to induldge in them.

    holland e188cc tubes from early to mid 60’s for about $150 are great value but once i bought the pinched waist tubes my other Holland tubes were sold off
  7. Flisker
    Will do :wink: Well I'm not musician or some audio "PRO" , but I can absolutely hear big difference between the rectifier tubes. I might not be able to tell them apart in all songs, but I can do it in "problematic" ones.... since those songs just suck hard - unlistenable for me. But I can understand that there will be people who won't hear the difference, like there are people who can't tell wines apart (I'm probably one of those, since I don't drink at all) .

    Ye, I heard about those, but didn't really get to looking for / buying them, since they were so expensive and I was happy with the Siemens CCa's I got. Might look around on ebay for those :) But yes, the GEC 6AS7G's are must. Hope I will get to try also those famous WE 421A's sometimes in future.

    I also had E188CC, Siemenses and was quite pleased with them.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  8. thecrow
    I had and liked the siemens e188cc too. Nice (somewhat) solid sound and tone

    I did wasn’t too keen for the e88cc or ecc88 though
  9. davveswe
    Who do mod work on the wa2? . Change caps.
  10. 55Powers
    Hello Woo owners,

    Been looking at an option from Woo to fill my tube amp slot.
    I've sort of dipped my toes through an Ember II, but I've concluded that i need to go "full tube at some point".

    I have been looking at the Wa22, but I will not be able to audition.

    Based on my current headphone park, does it look like a good fit, or would you point me in another direction?

    - Sennheiser HD800S
    - Focal Clear
    - Audeze LCD2C
    - Hifiman HE-500
    - Sennheiser HD650
    - Sennheiser HD580
    - E-mu Teak
    - Denon AH-D2000
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  11. watchdog507
    It's hard to find Woo Amps to audition. My experience with the WA6 was underwhelming. So much so, that I didn't know if I wanted to stay with Woo.
    The sweet spot price wise was the WA5-LE. Based on faith and a host of reviews, I went all in. I have no regrets. Tube rolling can keep you up all night and the tweaks to the tubes present immediate changes to the sound.
  12. jerick70
    @55Powers I recently sold my WA5-LE so I could try other amps. The WA5 is one of the best amps out there. I have a Violectric HPA V281 and a Schiit Freya / J2 combo now. I have to say that the WA5 holds it's own against this TOTL gear. One thing I find with the amps I have now is there is more definition in the detail and there is a bit more slam in the bass. But that is the price you pay to have a tube amp.

    I just received the Apex Pinnacle2 on the loaner program from TTVJ. I haven't listened to it yet but look forward to comparing to my other gear. We will see how a $18k amp/preamp stacks up....
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  13. thecrow
    Yes. The wa22 is a very versatile amp

    The wa5 is a very special sounding amp but a LOT more expensive.

    I have heard the wa5 briefly and was very impressed but if I was spending that much (including top of the line tubes - add a few grand) i would be looking to demo and try/read up on a whole lot of other options too to get the best fit for me. The wa5 would definitely be in the mix
  14. 55Powers
    Hmmm, I thought detail retrieval would be at least on par if not better with these tube amps, guess that's not part of the deal at this tier.
    Holy... that Pinnacle, let us know where you will be posting your impressions of what 18K sounds like.
  15. 55Powers
    The wa5 looks good, maybe it can be sourced at a good price used at some point.

    Have you had hands on with the 22 as well?

    Thanks for the feedback.

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