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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Kenion
    Thank you Mikelap!
    Yes you are right.

    So I may going to buy a new rectifier tube while waiting to get a reply from Woo Audio for a possible replacement of the effected tube.
    What do you guys think about the Sopha Princess 274B? I appreciate the looks of it.
    Is it compatible with my new WA6-SE 2nd gen and what do you think about this offer? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Princess-S...684512?hash=item3d538bee60:g:VuEAAOSwIGJaOJRd

    Happy Holidays to you too!
    I have a SP 274B in my collection of rectifiers .I guess many have and like this tube its not necessarely the best sounding rectifier of all but it sure glows nice .Shipping cost for this tube is way to much though $36.00 USD to Montreal so i can only imagine the cost to Germany .Beware .This link might help.https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dub...mparison-rectifer-tube-rolling-thread.694525/
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  3. joseph69
    The SE 274B is way overpriced from Woo, but for half the price, maybe?
    Here is an inexpensive rectifier tube (Brimar 5Z4GY) from Langrex Tubes which most everyone agrees its price/performance ratio is well worth the cost (if it's compatible with the newer Woo amps?) I use it with my older production WA6.
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  4. donato
    Check out dubstep girl's great thread on rectifier tubes if you haven't already - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dub...mparison-rectifer-tube-rolling-thread.694525/
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  5. watchdog507
    Most of the tubes on the list that I posted are readily available. You should be able to find 5U4G's at many dealers that stock tubes.
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  6. Kenion
    Thank you everyone for helping me out to find a replacement rectifier tube for my "faulty" stock one.

    Joseph69, the Brimar 5Z4GY looks like a good deal! I wish I knew if its compatible with the 2nd gen WA6-SE :/
  7. joseph69
    It is compatable.
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  8. Kenion
    Thank you Joseph69!
    I may going to order one now.
    The external buzz-noise is indeed anoying however the sound is fine.
    Lets see how another rectifier is going to work out :)
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    I would not use the amp with that tube if the problem is the tube just my 2 cents .I also have a few Brimar 5Z4G and they are very well regarded here .
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  10. Kenion
    Thank you for your suggestion MIKELAP.
    Which other rectifier tube for my 2nd gen would you then recommend?
    If you go on the Woo site and check out the WA6SE it looks like it uses the same rectifiers i would use in my WA22 The rectifier i use the most is the 596 with adapter but you need to explore this for yourself finding your favorite,because as they say YMMV i explored plenty having 38 different rectifiers lol. So there's no time to lose GET SET GOOOOOOOOOO!!!
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  12. Jacobal
    Hey guys, I’ve given up on tubes. Too much headache. I’ll get myself a Chord Dave lol
  13. Badas
    Brimar is great. I've recently gone back to it and really enjoying it.

    Regarding buzz. Check that no signal cable is near or on a power cord.
    I've experienced it once before. A transformer microwave buzz and I just
    moved a signal cable away from a power and it fixed it. You can test
    while the amp is on.
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  14. joseph69
    You're the reason I purchased them way back! :beerchug:
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  15. Badas
    I know. A bad influence.
    I liked Brimar so much i purchased 16 of them.
    I actually think I like the Brimar more than the TAK274B. That is really saying something.
    I switch between the two.
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