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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. bonesnv
    This x 2
  2. 2359glenn
    Using this tube in amps not made for it and none are unless you have some old WE gear.
    Puts stress on the input capacitor of the power supply by butting more ripple current through the capacitor.
    Using a tube just because it fits lights up and works to some extent is not the thing to do.
    Even though it might be recommended by others that have limited knowledge of tubes.
    I am glad I was able to help you guys out It is a great tube when hooked up right one of the best.
  3. kazsud
    Can someone tell me if there are socket savers for 6as7?
  4. Ronnietron
    Well, I'm happy to say that I am now a proud owner of a WA6 with the Sophia Electric rectifier tube upgrade. :) But as of now I'm loving the sound from the stock rectifier tube!! Amazing unit... I have yet to try the Sophia, but I think I will do so much later on. [​IMG] I'm enjoying the music far too much to bother changing it at this moment [​IMG]
  5. joseph69
    Congratulations on the WA6!
  6. bonesnv
    It's an octal so you can use the ones that got linked earlier from TubeMonger.  
  7. bonesnv
    Yah know, I still don't love them, and I am really trying to.  I just kind of "like" them and only for certain songs.  The T1's just don't seem to engage me the way the Alpha's or LCD's do.  I want to love them, but it appears that reference style headphones just aren't my style, I need that warmth and fullness to the sound which I just don't get with them.
    Going to hang on to them until everything is broken in and will give them a few more goes, maybe with some different tubes, but will probably end up selling them with the 6SE.  
  8. punit
    Of all My HP's the one with the most amazing synergy with WA22 is the HD 800. Have you tried them ?
  9. bonesnv
    Have yet to try the HD800's yet, don't really have anywhere local to try them so I would have to drive to California or Arizona and test them out.  
    Granted, didn't test the LCDs or any of the other headphones first, so I guess that's a pointless comparison...
  10. longbowbbs
    I can appreciate not having access to Woo gear. I managed to make it to Axpona this Spring and took my HD800's with Toxic Silver Widow balanced cables with me. I spent a bunch of time with the WA22 and it was a wonderful pairing even with stock tubes. Great sound and very Steampunk....I liked it.
  11. bonesnv
    I like headphones that make me feel surrounded.  The T1's don't seem to encase me enough to make me feel like I am an actual part of the music.  The Alphas and LCD's with their leather pads just envelop you into them, which I love.  I have fallen asleep on the couch numerous times with them listening to some Clapton, Muse or Tool, but the T1's I just always know they're on my head and I know I have headphones on.
    I'm not sure if that makes sense or not, if it does, do you feel the HD800's surround you in that way?
  12. longbowbbs
    They are the signal most immersive Headphone I have ever heard.
  13. Nic Rhodes
    I like my T1s best on my WA2, prefer it over my 6se and 22.
  14. bbophead
    I believe amazon sells HD800s with 30 day return priviledges.  HTH.
  15. MickeyVee
    +1 Ditto on that. The soundstage still blows me away after a year of ownership. It's hard to listen to anything else after owning the HD800.  
    Though I did have a chance to briefly audition the new HE560 today.  I preferred it to the LCD-X and think that would be a great complimentary HP to the HD800 without giving up too much. 

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