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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. bonesnv
    Is this only relevant for the WA22?  
  2. 2359glenn
    No all amps.
    Normally the DC is taken off pin 8 this is were the cathode is hooked to in tubes like GZ34 GZ37.
    The WE422A has the cathode connected to pin 2 so the 5 volt AC filament voltage is added to the
    DC output.
  3. bonesnv
    Interesting, didn't hear a hum on the 6SE but didn't keep it in for to long so doubt I would have noticed.  Will keep an eye out for it on the WA22.
    Out of curiosity, is this an adapter one might be able to get from you, should I notice the hum?
  4. daverich4

    Kind of wish I'd mentioned the hum to the group before I bought 3 different 422a's trying to get one that didn't hum. For some reason I've never seen a mention of an adapter for the 422. I'm under the impression you sell some kinds of adapters, any chance you sell that one? Or know someone that does? Thanks.
  5. 2359glenn
    PM me
    I have mentioned this before not sure were.
    PM me
  6. joseph69
    1. [​IMG]
    1. joseph69
    2. [​IMG]
    4. online
    1. 2,146 Posts. Joined 10/2012

    Received the WA6/6SN7 adapters this morning!
    This afternoon I packed the 6-SE with all original content from Woo + a NOS Mullard GZ34 and NOS GE 6FD7's/NOS Syvania 6DR7's.
    Afterwards I unpacked my WA6 and put the wood side panels/tube plate/aluminum bezels, and this time took off the aluminum transformer cover and just used the wood cover for a lower/sleeker look…then popped in the 596/NOS 1962 6SN7WGTA's and have been burning-in/listening with the RS1i's for about 4hrs, and I'm so glad to have my old set-up back…just can't wait to pass the 200hr mark for it too really shine like my previous one.
    I will be listing my less than 2 month old 6-SE in 10/10 condition with about 60-80hrs on it, and the tubes mentioned above which all have about 30-40hrs on them, on the F/S Forum for a few days…if I don't get any replies I will put it up for bids on eBay. If anyone is interested before it goes to eBay, send me a PM. Here are some photos.

    Headphones: Grado RS1i/SR325is/SR80i
    Amplifiers: Woo Audio WA6-SE/Schiit Magni
    D/A Converters: Rega/Meridian-203/Schiit Modi
    Sources: MacBookPro 13"/Sony CDP-C601ES
    Power Control: Adcom ACE-515 Line Conditioner/Surge Protecter/Power On-Off Delay 


  7. dsd-7
    Aww man, I just bought my first Woo Audio product (WA6).  I am really enjoying it, but would have probably been interested in this SE version if I would have seen this first.  GLWS :)
  8. bpcans
    It's not too late, there are options available.
  9. dsd-7
    Yea, the thought of selling my WA6 crossed my mind. However I have yet to tube roll with it. I am really happy so far with the stock tubes. I want to listen to it and tube roll for a while before deciding to move to the SE version. I read some reviews saying the improvements are subtle, while other reviews claim the upgrade in sonic quality is very apparent. I guess its like everything else in this hobby, system dependent.
  10. bbophead
    I'm so happy with my WA6 after tube rolling that the SE does not interest me.  Besides, too much real estate.  Mine's all tucked in.
  11. dsd-7
    Love it! Beautiful setup. Here's mine next to my Cary preamplifier. My Philips 5R4GYS rectifier is freshly opened and installed this morning from Upscale Audio. Let the tube rolling begin! image.jpg
  12. bpcans
    I hear ya brother about the real estate one would need to devote to the WA6-SE. What turned me toward the WA6 was when I checked their comparative shipping weights.
  13. bbophead
    Can't say as I've ever let shipping weights determine an audio purchase.  Interesting.
  14. bpcans
    I was determining if I had any small tables to put it on for a listening station.
  15. bonesnv
    Well, I received a very surprising call from FedEx, to let me know I had a package waiting.  Low and behold, 2 days earlier than expected, the WA22 arrived.
    The somewhat less good news, the 6F8G adapters that got shipped with it aren't due to show up until Thursday.  So, have to use a couple stock tubes for now but I'm sure I will find a way to manage, lol.
    Either way, time to go hook up new toys. [​IMG] 

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