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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. bonesnv
    Luckily, the price on mine wasn't super high, as it was a generic box instead of the original WE packaging.  Due to nostalgia, somehow a labeled cardboard box adds to the cost of the tube inside...go figure. 
    With that said, expect $500+ for a single, just make sure they provide test results and the information on how they tested it.  Keep an eye out for frauds, ran into a couple during my searches where the photos didn't look quite right and they wouldn't provide test results, if any doubt skip it immediately.
  2. bonesnv
    Come to Vegas and we can have an Irish vs Aussie drinking contest afterwards, lol.
  3. bpcans
    Holy Hanna, that's a lot of skittles. I am not deterred though. I paid $150 for the Sophia Princess and $175 for the USAF 596, so who knows it might be a quantitative leap. I'll have to ask DubstepGirl to see if I'm on kinda the right track. I'll keep on the lookout too. Thanks
  4. jc9394
    Nice to know a Woo fan in Vegas, I used to head to Vegas couple times a year.
  5. bonesnv
    The 596 is an excellent tube, the leap is personal preference really and how into tube rolling you really want to get.  
    Personally, I am a tinkerer, ever since I was a little kid, loved taking things a part, working on electronics, building battery powered lego race cars with random motors and parts from Radio Shack.  Things like rolling tubes fits right into my personality, the more I build my collection the more into it I will likely get, it's just fun for me.
    If you get one good set of tubes, you really don't need much else though if rolling tubes isn't your thing.  The 596 is quality, through and through, I love mine.
    Definitely talk to the others in this thread though about specifics of tubes and combinations, they're all much much more knowledgeable about it than I am, I am still learning from them all and reference their posts all the time.  DG's rectifier comparison thread is also a very beneficial read.
  6. Dubstep Girl
    on a WA6 or WA6SE, it might not be worth it due to the high price, the tube costs as much as the WA6 or half the cost of a WA6-SE, however, it is a cut above the rest and might be enough to keep you happy and keep you from upgrading to a costlier amp. the 596 is also quite good on the WA6-SE, the 422A will be different though, much more different than the other rectifiers available, its very pure sounding.
    for top level amps, definitely, the tube is the last 5% and if you want the best, its well worth the money.
  7. Silent One
    [​IMG] I'm from the audio camp of buying more than I need presently. And growing (rapidly) into needs (limits) not yet known. That comes from learning and expanding (lust?) in this great hobby. Especially if I live in a far flung place, funds dependent.
  8. bpcans
    Thanks DG for the info. After bonesnv got my interest peaked earlier I knew I had to investigate further. I'm presently using the WA6 now and really liking my present tube combination. That being the case aren't dubious upgrade purchases sometimes par for the course in the audiophile gear game?
  9. bonesnv
    I only bought the 422 because I have the WA22 coming, I couldn't justify it's purchase to myself for the 6SE.
  10. bonesnv
    Born and raised, stayed because of heat induced insanity.
  11. bpcans
    Congrats on getting the WA22. I gotta learn to be more happy with what I have instead of looking over at the condition of the neighbours yard.
  12. kchew
    Congrats on getting the WA22 and WE422, they are a great combination! What other driver and power tubes will you be using with them?
  13. bonesnv
    TS 5998's and TSBG 6F8G's per recommendations, at least to start with. 
  14. daverich4

    I'm curious to hear how the 422a works out for you. It's my favorite rectifier in my WA22 . To me it seems to produce a larger soundstage, almost three dimensional with some music. However, in my WA22, all 3 of the 422a's that I have produce a light hum, even on the low gain setting. It's not loud enough to intrude on the music but it's still there. My Sophia Princess & 596 rectifiers are dead quiet. I've never heard anyone else mention a hum with the 422a /WA22 combination so maybe it's just me. As I said, curious to hear how it works out for you.
  15. 2359glenn

    You need an adapter that reverses pins 2 & 8 for a WE422A to work properly with out introducing hum

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