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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. koiloco
    You will love the WA22 [​IMG]
  2. bonesnv
    I know exactly when the post office delivers, yet I still find myself refreshing the tracking pages constantly, like a kid on Christmas.
    Should be getting my 422 and my 5998's today, and I'm overly anxious to roll the 422 in my 6SE and check it out.  
    Now the wait until next Thursday, going to be such a long week..I might have to go hijack the FedEx truck mid transport, Fast and Furious style.
    Punit, noticed in your pics you have adapters for certain tubes that require the top wire, but saw that you have this white base on all of your tubes in your pics.  Curious what those bases are, teflon adapters?  Or is that just how your particular tube adapters are designed?
  3. punit
    Those are socket savers. I do a lot of tube rolling & didn't want to wear out the WA22 sockets.
  4. bonesnv
    Ah, gotcha.  Do you recall where you got them?  As I do tend to roll tubes a bit based on the headphones I am using or music/genre.  May look into it.
  5. punit
    The WA22 sockets are good quality, so unless you roll tubes on a daily basis you don't need socket savers IMO.
  6. bonesnv
    Gotcha, good to have in the back of my mind as I am not that quite active with the tube changes, but a few times a week based on my mood and music I want.  Thanks for the link and info, much appreciated.
  7. bonesnv
    Well, one of my new toys arrived.  I think the postman was slightly frightened by my grin when I opened the door.  Listening to it right now and I am having difficulty wanting to get up and do anything else than keep listening.
    I honestly was not expecting a really noticeable change from the 596 to the 422 on my 6SE, considering I am using the same driver tubes but it is definitely there.  Everything just seems more, expansive, yet seems to envelop you and suck you into the music, more than the very solid state sounding 596 (at least in the 6SE, heard its warmer in the WA22).  
    I suck with audio terminology, DG sums up all the technical stuff way better, so go read that, lol.  
  8. bpcans
    Looks pretty nice! I use a Woo WA6 with a USAF596 rectifier and S/E 6SN7 drivers. I like this combo quite a bit, but I'm always investigating other options. Where did you find your WE422A?
  9. bonesnv
    It was an eBay listing, from a US seller, so delivery was very quick.  He was selling a pair but I convinced him to split them up and sell me one. 
  10. bpcans
    I'll keep an eye out for one. Let us know how it sounds after a little burn in. Thanks
  11. bonesnv
    Yup, for sure.  If I happen to see one show up while I'm lookin 421's, will shoot you over a PM.  Gonna listen to it a bit this weekend but I think I will most likely take it out to roll in my CV593 for the LCD3 burn-in this weekend.  Kind of want to save the new tubes for the WA22, just so I can be like a little kid on Christmas Day and have that experience, like when I got the original Nintendo console, lol.
  12. Ronnietron
    I'll be joining the club too very soon :) I will either be getting the WA6 or WA6-SE for my HiFiMAN HE-560. I have auditioned the WA6 while I was in Singapore and absolutely loved it, but now I'm back in Sydney and I don't have a chance to audition the WA6-SE [​IMG] the only store stocking Woo Audio in Australia is all the way in Melbourne..
    Of course I am curious to try the WA6-SE before I make my mind but it isn't possible here...
  13. Silent One
    I've not heard the WA6. But that won't stop me from recommending the WA 6 Special Edition [​IMG]over the WA6.
    (Previous owner - WooAudio WA 6 Special Edition)
  14. Ronnietron
    Well, if anyone in Sydney has the SE version and are happy to let me listen to it I'm all ears... [​IMG] haha
  15. bpcans
    Thank you sir, much appreciated. What was the damage for the WE422a?

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