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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. punit
    Here are my notes jotted down when listening to the above combination :
    1. USAF 596 + TS 5998 + TSBG 6F8G (Good clarity, good bass, good Sound stage but treble is bright / etchy, fatiguing for long listening)
    The above was with HD 800 so I tried it with T1's. The treble was much smoother with T1's.
     Recommended combo with T1 [​IMG] 
  2. david8640
    I have a pair of HD650 that I'm using with a Woo Wa6 (not SE) and I'm wondering if I should upgrade my drivers tubes ? What should I choose ? I'm listening to metal and rock on a project Debut III turntable.
    I have these tubes :
    1. 5R4GY (Brimar)
    2. 6DE7
      1. Sylvania X 2
      2. RCA X 2
      3. Westinghouse X 2
    3. 6EW7
      1. Raytheon X 2
    Any suggestions :)
    Thank you :)
  3. bonesnv
    Glad to hear that, also be pairing it up with the LCD3's, so can't wait.
    I did find a single WE422 as well, so that is on the way.  I might be murdered for buying it before I get to listen to it but we will see.   lol
  4. punit
    I am guessing you are married.
  5. bonesnv
    We'll see, lol.
  6. punit
  7. jc9394

    Surprised that you are still alive after all those packages from USA. :D
  8. kkcc

    Lol... my packages always goes to my office :wink:

    shipping to home address is hazardous to our hearing as it would generate excessive high to ultra high frequency day and night noise.
  9. bonesnv
    On that thought of not being murdered, lol, there will likely be a single 422 showing up on eBay, unless the guy ends up just keeping the other one.  So if anyone was looking for one you may want to keep an eye out, they were grey plates for info purposes.
  10. bonesnv
    It's all about that handy FedEx redirect to a local store feature.  [​IMG]
  11. punit
    +1 on using the office address. But one day she is bound to notice when your tube collection goes from 5 tubes to 50 tubes. Then you just shrug your shoulders & say "oh, these old used second-hand tubes, they cost around $ 10-20 each".
  12. kkcc

    Yup tubes are easiest to avoid any scrutinization. I showed her generic 6SN7GTB listings and tell her I will "upgrade" my TS BGRPs to these "nicer ones" next time... :wink: But the wa22 itself was an entire different story. It just look too nice to be not expensive. Maybe an EC or stratus one would slip by easier.
  13. HiFiGuy528
    Yeah, we love that FedEx doesn't charge for that option.  UPS wants $10 from our customers to do that which is why we don't use them.  :)
  14. joseph69
  15. bonesnv
    Already re-directed the WA22 as soon as I got the tracking today, lol.  Now I can just grab it on the way home from work on Thursday.
    I used to actually pay for that UPS Choice thing they offered customers and it was a huge pain to deal with even with paying them their $10 a month.  I would often re-direct the delivery but then I would get to the store, would always get some non-sense about how they were a privately owned franchise and tried to charge me to pick up my own package.  Cancelled it all immediately after and try to avoid UPS as much as possible.
    Also had UPS leave a package sitting on my front porch that was supposed to require a signature, since it was a large cost item.  It sat on my front porch, in clear view, for 5 hours while I was at work.  It was also a heat sensitive item and it's Vegas...go figure.

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