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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. bonesnv
    The answers I was looking for, thanks.  So as long as I am balanced in/out as planned and I have my tubes sorted, then it seems it would be worth it.
  2. jc9394
    Balanced out is not needed. Giving the price of WA22 with ultra premium tubes, take a look at WA5/LE with decent tubes. You may be surprise.
  3. bonesnv
    I had heard balanced wasn't hugely needed in the grand scheme of headphone amplification but with that particular setup it matched up well.  
    Appears that when you add in the fact I would need an additional 596 and adapter (or other matched pair), in addition to the 300B tubes and drivers, plus the added cost of the system as a whole, there's a price gap.  I don't have any real intention of spending money on a bunch of Western Electric tubes right now.  Maybe some day but I have been content with my current selections.  The TS6F8G and 5998 combo is relatively reasonable in cost and I can use the single rectifiers I already own. 
    I am not sure the WA5 is in the same price point I am looking for when it is all said and done, as nice as it is. Wouldn't mind one some day, or a Stratus (which I fell for when I first saw it, same with Glenn's amp)
    Thanks for the insight though, something I will still look into and weigh out my options.
  4. punit
    Just to clarify,On the WA22 Balanced out is not needed but Balanced in definitely is.
  5. bonesnv
    From what I read on another website, as a comment attributed to Jack, was that using the single ended out, even when using balanced in, offered no notable difference than the 6SE.  It was only using balanced out where there was a notable change.  Will see if I can dig up that quote again, might have been on 6moons or something, was just googling WA22 reviews.  
    Do you find that accurate at all, or is the single ended as good as the balanced out?  
    I know I am a 5000 questions type person so thank ya'll for the patience as I poke and prod for info, good chunk of change involved and I just want to get all my ducks in a row before pulling the trigger.
  6. jc9394
    As Pundit have said, balanced in is absolutely needed and unbalanced/balanced out does not make much difference.
  7. bonesnv
    Gotcha, just wanted to clarify.
    Thanks for the help everyone.  Still looking at the 5LE, seeing if there is a way to make it work but will see how things play out.
  8. I right I
    I'd just like to clarify something: the 1/4 output in the WA22 is technically a balanced output.
  9. I right I
    Here is what Jack Wu had to say about it:

    The WA22 is a fully balanced amp, see diagram below.

    The question here is that this amp is not fully balanced because the "amp with a single ended output stage directly connected to the XLR connectors.” It is not true. In an Output Transformer coupled design, the primary and secondary coils are isolated. Output stage and input stage are not connected and thus no cross-talk whatsoever can happen.

    On the ¼” output, both channels have independent paths, see the black and red wires. If this wiring scheme applies to a Output Transformer Less design, the circuit will become single-ended. See the second diagram in #17, the v- would have to be a common wire to other channel. One must be carefull not to take reference from the wrong context to avoid all the misunderstanding.

    Also, no phase splitter is needed because the source is XLR (balanced). As for the RCA input, only ½ of the input is used and the efficiency is roughly dropped 50%. In other words, the RCA input will not take advantage of this design. You must use a balanced source to get the best out of the WA22.

    Hope that clarifies.

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  10. bonesnv
    Thanks, was mistaken on the input/out portion in regards to Jack's comments.
  11. bonesnv
    Based on the advice given, have a set of TSBG 6F8G's coming and some TS 5998's to go with the 596 rectifier.  Looks like I am going to join the WA22 party. As tempting as that WA5LE was, it was just beyond what the significant other was willing to let slide, lol.  Yah win some battles and yah lose some.
    Thanks again for all the assistance from everyone, this forum is a wealth of knowledge and for some crazy reason I like learning about it all.
  12. Redcarmoose
    I told my Wife after I purchased the W5LE. I told her I had a life threatening disease and it was my last wish. Forgiveness is easy to ask for, permission is not.
  13. jc9394
    I wouldn't go that far but the WA5/LE is an end game amp.  I just need more time before getting back the WA5.
  14. koiloco
    As my boys would say to me, "Epic" ...[​IMG]
  15. bonesnv
    I needed to save my life threatening illness excuse for now, so I compromised.  [​IMG]

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