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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. bonesnv
    Got some tube recommendations for the WA22? Or anyone else for that matter, chime in.
    Personally, looking at the WA22 so that I can go fully balanced and maintain the ability to use the rectifiers I already have for my 6SE, the CV593, USAF-596 and some odds and ends.  I know from a single ended standpoint Jack even stated there isn't much difference and I understand that, but planning on using the XLR's/balanced input/outputs.
    The question becomes, is the balanced that much of a change?  Maybe someone who has owned both can comment further. Or is this more or less just a side grade option?  Also, the LCD3's will be tossed into the mix here soon, as I am not entirely sold on the T1's, little bright for personal taste but are phenomenal for certain songs so its tough.  So will be looking for compatibility there as well.
  2. GalaxyGuy
    I've tried a number of tube combinations with my 22, and the group that I've settled on are WE 421A power tubes, TS 6F8G drivers, and a WE 422 rectifier.  I also like the EML mesh 5U4G almost as well as the WE 422.  You can read DGs thoughts on the subject; I think she and I agree on the rectifiers, though.
  3. punit
    In addition to the one mentioned in the post above, I would also recommend these combinations for WA22:
    1. Cossor GZ37 + GEC 6AS7G + CV 181
    2. Cossor GZ37 + GEC 6080 + CV 181
    3. Cossor GZ37 + TS 5998 + CV 181
    4. USAF 596 + TS 5998 + CV 181
    5. USAF 596 + GEC 6AS7G + CV 181
    6. WE422A + TS5998 + CV181
    7. WE422A + TS7236 + TSBG 6F8G 
    8. WE422A + WE421A + SE 6SN7 
    9. WE422A + WE421A + CV 181
    10. U52 + TS 5998 + TSBG 6F8G
    11. U52 + WE421A + Mullard CV 181
    12. U52 + GEC 6AS7G + Brimar CV1988
    13. U52 + GEC 6080 + Ken Rad VT231 6SN7GT BG
    14. U52 + Chatham 6080WB Solid GP+ Ken Rad VT231 6SN7GT BG
    15. U52 + Chatham 6080WB Solid GP+ Brimar CV1988
  4. Dubstep Girl
    yeah i pretty much decided on the same tubes when i had 22.
    except i didn't like the EML anywhere near as much as the 422. but i would put the metal mullard or U52 as a close second :)
  5. bonesnv
    Thank's for the replies.  
    I think I am good with rectifier's for now short of maybe a U52 or metal base GZ, I love the sound the 596 brings to table, same with the CV.  Just not quite on board with spending $600+ on a WE yet.
    The driver/power combinations you all posted though are right in line with what I was looking for.  Will start looking into them and checking on costs, etc.  Doesn't appear anyone recommended Jack's Sylvania setup for the 6SN7's, do these rate up there with the 6GL7 in terms of "un-wow" factor?
    The real question that I have, is if you had the choice to do it, would you make the switch?  Tube upgrades included, would not be using stock.  Trying to determine if the cost difference is worth the added benefit or if it is minimal at best.  The intent was to try and use tubes I already had, which is why I hadn't looked at alternatives just yet.  Plus I love the look of the Woo amps.
    EDIT:  Also, does Jack still offer some of the upgrades for other models besides the 5?  Was curious if the teflon sockets made a difference or not in terms of sound quality or if it was just a more secure connection to the tube type add-on.
  6. bonesnv
    Hugely beneficial, thank you.  Actually saved that list out so I have quick access to it.
    The question I would like to ask though is what type of music are you typically listening to?  I know, it's like a game of 20 questions.
  7. punit
    That's a good question. I listen to Rock & EDM. Sometimes tube preferences differ depending on the genre, I cannot say for sure that all the combos above will work for  jazz / classical. (I will be surprised if they don't as all the above combos  sound so good but I don't listen to jazz / classical so can't say for sure).
    Also all the above are with HD 800. I see that you have the T1's , if you are interested in any particular combo, I can try on my T1's & let you know.
  8. bonesnv
    Well, my T1's I am not entirely sold on just yet, little thin for my personal tastes but the 6EM7's do give them a decent bump in the low end, which makes Danny Carry's drums more identifiable on my Tool albums, or Josh Freese on the APC/NIN live albums.  
    However, I can't use that same driver set at all with the Alpha Dogs and have to switch over to the 6FD7 fat bottles.  With the AD's they are way to bloated and mask all of the other sounds, the layers of music just seem to compress to one with a lot of thumping.
    As I already have my 596, probably looking to include that in some way into the party so looking up the tube combinations that match up well with it until I expand the rectifier collection down the road.
    Now the difficult part, is that it is really hard to describe my taste in music, because I literally listen to absolutely everything, except Country which I loathe, outside of Johnny Cash.  
    Would say the most frequented albums are 90's rock like Temple of a Dog, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Tool, STP, etc.  Outside of that, a lot of 60's/70's rock, Cream/Clapton, Hendrix, Beatles (Sgt. Pepper is one of my favorite albums), Zeppelin and Sabbath. Those are the albums where I tend to like the euphonic nature of the GZ32/CV593 over the 596 which is very neutral sounding in the 6SE.
    Now round that out with Miles Davis, Norah Jones, George Benson and classical (particularly strings), Chesky, or even something like Dub Colossus is a good relaxing bit of music to listen to at night.
    Hopefully that wasn't to long winded for an early morning, coffee does wonders...lol
  9. punit
    Few more combinations that I like with 596 :
    1. USAF 596 + GEC 6080 + TSBG 6F8G
    2. USAF 596 + TS 5998 + NU 6F8G
    3. USAF 596 + TS 5998 + SE 6SN7
  10. grmnasasin0227
    Hi all, I know that glenn used to make 6SN7 > 6EW7 adapters for people here with their WA6-SEs, but I spoke to him recently and apparently he has since stopped making that adapter. Does anybody have any leads for me as to who makes such an adapter, or is using 6SN7 tubes in a WA6-SE simply not possible anymore?
  11. bonesnv
    It is not recommended by Jack for the 6SE.  If you ask for details, you more or less just get told to buy a WA6 instead if you want to use the 6SN7's.  His last comment to me, he stated it had to do with the voltage of the 6SN7's, that was all I got and didn't push it further since I am not a sound engineer or an electrical engineer.
  12. grmnasasin0227

    I'm aware. IIRC the adapters were able to mitigate that issue, but I haven't found the post yet so I'm going off the top of my head.
  13. bonesnv
    So the question I have, maybe this won't necessarily apply to your situation, given the opportunity to go from the 6SE and move up to the 22, is it worth the upgrade if using the balanced in/out setup? 
  14. kazsud
  15. Nic Rhodes
    to get the best out of a 22 you need new tubes and balanced ins and outs. When this is done the 22 shows it's class, otherwise the jump isn't as significant or worthwhile over a 6se.

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